Happy Father’s Day

To all the men in my life: If I could I would get each of you these things I have envisioned in my head…this is what they would be:

For my hubby: (1) A new knife because you love cooking me dinner every night and because this was under the “new” section at Sur la Table so I’m positive you don’t have this one yet.  And also, the latest and greatest (2) iPhone because I know you want one even though you haven’t said anything to me about it.

For my Dad: (3) This rotating water broom thing.  It just screams YOU.

For my Bro: I know you are working on your house a ton, so I figure you might need (6) something in this arena.

For my Father-in-Law: A (5) Golf Cabbie Hat, because I think they look cool and because you play golf.  I think that means you’d look cool playing golf with this on…so WIN WIN!

What I ended up getting everyone: Pictures of your son/grandson/nephew from (4) Portrait Innovations.  You know you love them!


  1. Dude that knife looks awesome, I love me some japanese knives! And yes, of COURSE I want iphone the fourth. Stupid 6 month old iphone 3gs — so old and busted.

  2. @Jwo I know you too well 🙂