The Tipsy Wedding Project: Centerpieces

  1. AK-I love the idea of the pumpkins being part of the centerpiece since it’s fall.  I’d probably incorporate less white flowers and more vivid fall oranges and burgundy.
  2. Sarah-I like the idea of using these two centerpieces and alternating them among tables. The simplicity of the potted marigolds add to the rustic feel of Christen’s wedding and they will be VERY budget-friendly in October. I also fell in love with the flowers in the orange vase because a) it will add just a slight touch of modern to the rustic charm of the marigolds and b) the rosemary that is also used in this arrangement is a sign of remembrance that could be used to honor the loved ones that could not be with you on your special day! (I found the thought about the rosemeary on, but it was totally worth sharing!)
  3. Court-My idea for the centerpieces is heavily influenced by the centerpiece/florals at Der’s wedding.  I love the mixture of fruit and floral.  You can work in whatever flowers you choose at the top or the base and include whole oranges or slices.  I think its comes off so elegant and FUN.
  4. Der-I love the rich colors in this centerpiece and unique combo of flowers. I think it would be super sweet to add some oranges or orange slices in this vase too.