Denim and Diamonds: Centerpiece Options

We received a comment on our Facebook page recently asking about some inexpensive options for a  “Denim and Diamonds” themed party, and here’s what we came up with!

Hope this helps…keep us posted on what you end up using!

The Tipsy Wedding Project Update: Bouquets

As the photographer pictures roll in from Christen I’ll be updating you on what she chose.  First up: FLOWERS (my favorite)!! Here are the options we offered up and you can review the poll to see what the consensus was.

Here’s what Christen had to say about the bouquets:

So, I had no clue about flowers, really, other than I knew I wanted in-season and autumn-toned ones.  The suggestions the four of you provided captured that idea, so I printed up the pictures and took them to the meeting with my florist, thinking I was a nightmare client because I didn’t have a defined, specific look (I think when she asked which flowers I wanted I said “pretty ones” which isn’t terribly helpful).  Well, apparently we lucked out because Angela – our florist – took the pictures and my preferences and ran with it!  We basically combined #1 and #3, and added some orchids and berries.

We LOVE what she did, what do you think?

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

If you are having Thanksgiving at your house and want to spruce up your table with a centerpiece, Martha Stewart has some great ideas on her site.  Most of these would be super duper easy to throw together.  The easiest being, fall leaves placed in hurricanes.  Very easy, very modern.  Or just go rummage through the produce section and buy everything orange you see in sight–also another super fun idea.  We never carved our pumpkin at Halloween, so we could definitely gut it and put some flowers in there…  It doesn’t take much to pretty things up!  What are you doing on your table this year?

OMG Wall Planter Love

How cute are THESE?  The price tag is a bit on the high side, but you could do so much with these.

Flowers that are a little Tipsy?

After stumbling upon these arrangements, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share them with our TIPSY readers! I mean are these not the funnest flower arrangements ever?!  I would love to send these to my Tipsy gals and maybe the beer to my hubby.  So watch out…when you say buy me a drink next time, I might say ok and send you one of these! hahaha

  1. 1-800-Flowers, Beer Mug of Blooms
  2. 1-800-Flowers, Margarita Bouquet

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Centerpieces

  1. AK-I love the idea of the pumpkins being part of the centerpiece since it’s fall.  I’d probably incorporate less white flowers and more vivid fall oranges and burgundy.
  2. Sarah-I like the idea of using these two centerpieces and alternating them among tables. The simplicity of the potted marigolds add to the rustic feel of Christen’s wedding and they will be VERY budget-friendly in October. I also fell in love with the flowers in the orange vase because a) it will add just a slight touch of modern to the rustic charm of the marigolds and b) the rosemary that is also used in this arrangement is a sign of remembrance that could be used to honor the loved ones that could not be with you on your special day! (I found the thought about the rosemeary on, but it was totally worth sharing!)
  3. Court-My idea for the centerpieces is heavily influenced by the centerpiece/florals at Der’s wedding.  I love the mixture of fruit and floral.  You can work in whatever flowers you choose at the top or the base and include whole oranges or slices.  I think its comes off so elegant and FUN.
  4. Der-I love the rich colors in this centerpiece and unique combo of flowers. I think it would be super sweet to add some oranges or orange slices in this vase too.

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Boutonnieres

Next up, boutonnieres! Let’s pick a little something for Ed and the other men in this shindig.

  1. Der-This is simple and not too feminine, plus I frickin LOVE that tie!
  2. Sarah-I LOVE these boutonnieres for the sheer uniqueness of them. I also think they will tie into the rustic fall theme for this wedding VERY nicely! (These boutonnieres are made of fiddlehead fern, bamboo shoots, kumquats, and eucalyptus and poppy seedpods.)
  3. Court-Loves these.  They are fun and whimsical.  Nothing too stuffy for the groom, give him a break–he’s getting HITCHED! Rosenowfloral does custom and vintage.  Can you beat it?
  4. AK-Very simple, mini calla to tie in the bride’s bouquet with a little bit of a twist of that twine stuff or whatever it is.  LOVE IT.

Just Pot It

Earlier this week I mentioned a few great spring blooms, but what is the point of a great bloom without an equally amazing pot to put it in????

  1. The Pottery Patch, Small Oval Pot with Iron Handles
  2. Direct from Mexico, Small Talavera Footed Planter
  3. Direct from Mexico, Talavera Goblet Planter
  4. Etsy, 1964 Flower Pot
  5. The Pottery Patch, Scratched Oval Planter

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bouquets

We are going to be running a series here over the next few weeks.  It’s called The Tipsy Wedding Project aka help Christen design her wedding.  Christen is an avid Tipsy Society reader and we could not say no when she asked for a little assistance in planning her October 2010 nuptials.  So each week us Tipsy gals will be throwing some suggestions her way and letting YOU the readers vote on WHAT SHOULD CHRISTEN PICK!  So here goes…this week is all about bouquets!!

  1. Der-I’m in LOVE with this fall bouquet!  I think this bouquet ties in the truffle color that she has picked for her attendants and it adds pops of orange and green and even some pink. I love the rustic looking shape of this bouquet and I think this could easily transcend into a larger scale table arrangement… OR to save money just have the bride and all the maids place their bouquets in beautiful vases on all the tables.
  2. Court-I’m going to keep things simple with this bouquet so that the orange color and single flower type make things pop even more.
  3. AK-This bouquet is so RICH in color and I believe that’s what Christen is going for.  This combines roses, lilies (calla), and a tiny bit of hydrangea.  I love the berries and seeded eucalyptus which can be incorporated into some badass boutonnieres when we get to those.
  4. Sarah-I love the idea of the bridal bouquet being different than her bridesmaids, so this is what I came up with for the bridesmaids and for the bride, it combines both the colors, and flowers, she’s looking for, and, since both bouquets are the same shape, they tie together nicely. (I’m also in LOVE with the copper wire that’s wrapped around the bridesmaids bouquets!)

So Tipsy readers…here’s your chance…Which one should Christen pick?

Spring Blooms

So it’s FINALLY that time of year again, in Texas at least, and we get to plant beautiful spring blossoms! Luckily, my hubby is in the landscaping business, so he decided to share a few of his favorite spring plants:

  1. Begonias
  2. Day Lillies
  3. Marigolds
  4. Impatiens
  5. Salvia
  6. Coleus
  7. Zinnias

Happy planting everyone!