Pretty Things at Every Price: Clutches

Last week was crossbodies…this week is clutches.  Cute clutches at any price!

  1. Der’s ($8) Wristlet Zipper Pouch-This is colorful (which we know I LOVE) and one of a kind. For less than $10, you can liven up  your basic tee or LBD!
  2. Court’s ($28) On Palm Street Clutch-how cute is this?  dressy, casual, basic colors. LOVE IT.
  3. Sarah’s ($35) SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Raffia Clutch-I love that this clutch has a nice, summery, and casual look! (I mean, if you’re anything like me, you’re currently OVER carrying an over-sized satchel everyday…)
  4. AK’s ($49) Shiraleah Tyrell fold clutch bag-I love the Shiraleah line of bags…they are super cheap, vegan and come in great colors.  I like how this one folds over.

What’s your favorite? Or tell us about another clutch you use or are wanting!


  1. These are all so cute! Love them!!

  2. @Danielle so glad you commented–me and Court were just saying hmmm maybe we should stop with the all price range people hate them hahahahha

  3. no!! I think they are great. They are one of my favorite posts you guys do. I think it’s fun to see all the different pics and options!!!

  4. @Danielle AWESOME!!


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