Huarache Love

Der was wearing some sandals the other day that I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with, but alas they aren’t available anymore…at least they aren’t online anymore and I didn’t see them at my local Target.  All of these are very reminiscent of Der’s, yet don’t have the price tag I’m really longing for.

  1. BC Footwear Ciao Bella, Endless
  2. Born Huarache Thongs, Garnet Hill (of course my fav, I’ll take these in brown metallic please)
  3. Frye Zoe Huarache Thong, Zappos (this comes in a TON of different colors)
  4. Reef Reefachi, Zappos
  5. Indigo Gull Pond Cork Wedge Sandals, Garnet Hill


Nude shoes are all the rage. These babies go with anything and add a modern touch to any outfit. I can’t get enough of them… it’s borderline an obsession. Are you rocking some nudies on your feet?

  1. Charlotte Russe, Floral Peep Toe Booties
  2. DSW, Diba Din Go Wedge Sandal
  3. DSW, Kelsi by Kelsi Dagger Carmella Wedge
  4. Target, Vivianna Platform Pumps
  5. Endless, Ankle Strap Sandal
  6. Payless, Hotty Peep Toe

Pretty Things at Every Price: Totes

This is our final PTAEP for purses. We’ve covered crossbodies, clutches, hobos, and now we’re on to totes!

  1. Der:  Rose Dome Handbag,I am carrying a similar version of this bag RIGHT NOW in royal blue and love it to pieces. It’s such a WOW accessory for low cost. It livens up the simplest tee or tank just hangin there on your arm.
  2. Court: Slouchy Bag, This was the hardest price point for me thus far as the size of this purse is entering a no-can-do boundary.  My tipsy sista’s can easily pull a bag of this size off, but not me.  HOWEVER, I wasn’t shocked when a super cute seller on Etsy came through.  I would wear this, if I ever needed room to shove Aus, two friends, a bottle of booze and a bicycle in it :).  Other pluses are its handmade and CHINA CHINA!!!
  3. AK: Amazon Boutique Tote, I love how sleek this looks and of course I had to go for something BRIGHT in color!
  4. Sarah: Paper Croc-Embossed Tote, What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cute straw bag!

Pretty Things at Every Price: Clutches

Last week was crossbodies…this week is clutches.  Cute clutches at any price!

  1. Der’s ($8) Wristlet Zipper Pouch-This is colorful (which we know I LOVE) and one of a kind. For less than $10, you can liven up  your basic tee or LBD!
  2. Court’s ($28) On Palm Street Clutch-how cute is this?  dressy, casual, basic colors. LOVE IT.
  3. Sarah’s ($35) SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Raffia Clutch-I love that this clutch has a nice, summery, and casual look! (I mean, if you’re anything like me, you’re currently OVER carrying an over-sized satchel everyday…)
  4. AK’s ($49) Shiraleah Tyrell fold clutch bag-I love the Shiraleah line of bags…they are super cheap, vegan and come in great colors.  I like how this one folds over.

What’s your favorite? Or tell us about another clutch you use or are wanting!

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bride’s Shoes

Today’s installment of The Tipsy Wedding Project is Christen’s shoes. While we know what Christen’s dress looks like, she would rather we didn’t post it here because a certain person she is going to marry has been following along and we don’t want to ruin it for him. (I’m talking to you Ed). So anyway, here are our recommendations for Christen and a few for Ed himself. See any trends? 🙂

  1. AK-My inspiration came from the fact that we found out Christen loves the color orange, that she is having a fall wedding and the fact that Der did this shoe/sock idea for her wedding and it was UH-DOOR-UH-BULL. So this is the vision. Here is my suggestion (dyeing orange obvs)
  2. Sarah-I LOVE the idea of having a fun, yet classy, shoe underneath the traditional wedding attire. Since orange is her favorite color, I thought these were both perfect, affordable, AND would be go great with the fall wedding colors! (I also wouldn’t be opposed to Christen’s hubby to-be to wear some cool orange socks…Der did this at her wedding and it made for an awesome photo op…just sayin’…)
  3. Der-These are cute and orange and would totally be reusable later on with a par-TAY dress! I did apple green shoes under my wedding dress, but they were dyed and therefore unable to be worn in wet conditions.. BOO!!  and her groom could wear these.
  4. Court-I love these shoes.  Her dress, which has lace is beautiful, but I didnt want to much frill on the shoes. I think these peep toes are a great accent, plus they are navy which satisfies two things–her man to be fav color and her something blue requirement.

But It’s Just A Pair Of Shoes?!

So generally this is what happens with me…I’m surfing the interwebs and find a pair of shoes I like.  I open them up to view all angles and what not and I’m like yep, those are good, those are really cute, those are actually super cute…yeah I’m gonna go ahead and get those.  Close that window, pick my size, look at the price and then FAINT.  I mean wow, what did they have to do to make those shoes that they would be THAT expensive?  And it’s like they aren’t even like oh those are just a little overpriced, it’s like WOW those are like $200+ half the time.

So these are some of the shoes I’ve seen recently where I’ve just about fallen out of my chair.  The only pair under $100 are the black sandals, but it’s kinda like um wow don’t I have some black sandals? Do I need to spend $70 something on a pair of black sandals?  So anyway, please enjoy…I’ll be right here finding some more unattainable shoes.

  1. Endless, Arche Women’s Cozori Slide
  2. Endless, Donald J Pliner Women’s Glas-10 Sandal
  3. Endless, Kate Spade Women’s Isabella
  4. J.Crew, Christiane Calf Hair Ballet Flats
  5. Anthropologie, Beyond Bazaar Sandals
  6. Anthropologie, Tangerine Rind Clogs
  7. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell Tier Sandals

Oh and by the way, you’re welcome.

Mission Impossible: Brown Sandals

Your mission should you choose to accept it…help me find some cute COMFY brown sandal heels or wedges.  I went on the hunt, I had tunnel vision I promise.  Here are the items that I would like to look at further….

So please tell me why I can’t stop thinking about these! Total Mission Fail!

  1. Endless, Swish T-Strap Sandal
  2. Nordstrom, UGG Australia ‘Hazel’ Wedge Sandal
  3. Endless, Gabbi Slide Sandal
  4. Zappos, Sofft Meira
  5. Zappos, Me Too Daily
  6. DSW, Joan & David 2 Gabby Leather Sandal
  7. Nordstrom, Steve Madden ‘Kasidy’ Sandal
  8. Old Navy, Women’s Faux-Patent Cross-Strap Sandals