Rad Plaid

With school starting soon, I get to thinking of plaid. I guess it’s the school uniform skirts, maybe. I never had to wear one for dress code purposes, but let me tell you I was once all over the Clueless trend back in the day.  Plaid looks to be making a come back, but in a much better way than a much too short pleated skirt.

  1. Payless, Plaid Cadet Hat with Bow
  2. Target, Overdye Shirt
  3. Old Navy, Gauzy Smocked Tops
  4. Target, Plaid Rain Boots
  5. Dillards, Roxy Eclair Flats
  6. Charlotte Russe, Ruffle Front Plaid Shirt Dress
  7. Walmart, Plaid Button Down Tunic
  8. Delias, Valerie Plaid Dress


  1. Those flats are calling to me! Great choices!

  2. Have you seen #6 in person? I’m wondering if its a “wear over shorts or jeans” type of dress, or if its a dress dress because I REALLY like it.