To In-Vest or Not To In-Vest?

Okay ladies, I need some opinions here. If you haven’t already noticed, faux fur vests seem to be a big trend for the fall. I think they are so cute, but part of me is hesitant to purchase one for the following reason:  I can’t decide if I would

A) Look like an idiot because I live in south Texas (even though I wouldn’t wear it until it actually gets cold)
B) Look like I am trying to be a Viking
C) Look totally adorable

What do you think?

  1. Target,  Merona Collection Lisa Faux Fur Vest
  2. New York and Company, Faux Fur Vest
  3. Forever 21, Cozy Faux Fur Vest
  4. Forever 21, Faux Fur Vest w/ Bow Belt
  5. Papaya, Ivory Rib Fur Vest
  6. Charlotte Russe, Luxe Fur Vest


  1. @melis, i vote wear a vest to look like a viking. i think its fitting. wear one of those hats too.