Holy Sequin I Need a Party to Attend

Every which way you turn your pretty little head there are sequins galore on tops, cardigans, skirts, you name it. I have one problem and that is no where to wear them. I am determined to find a way to work any or all of these into my holiday wardrobe even if it means partying with a 2 month old while daddy’s at work. Spit up be damned!

  1. Forever 21, Sequin Stripes Top
  2. Charlotte Russe, Sequin Pencil Skirt
  3. NY and Company, Matte Sequin Tank Top
  4. Target, Sequin Striped Tank
  5. Target, Sequin Ballet Flats
  6. Target, Sequin Pocket Boyfriend Cardigan
  7. NY and Company, Sequin Cardigan


  1. Ha. I keep saying that same thing. I need a party to go to! All these sparkles and cute dresses everywhere!

  2. We are going to Ed’s company party this week and I had my outfit all planned…but maybe I should re-think and go sequin? It’s an after-work affair at an art gallery. Too much?

  3. I picked up some sequin flats to go with my black pants and chartreuse top! Now I feel sparkly, but not overly-so. YAY!