If I Was a Boy…

Sometimes I like having a husband that cares a lot about his clothing and how his hair looks and sometimes it sucks. Like when he makes 47 wardrobe changes before deciding on an outfit for a not even important event. That part sucks. What doesn’t suck is his love of shopping. It’s like having a life sized Ken doll of my very own. Every now and then he has to reel me back in when I try to take him over his own personal limit, but I tell him I would wear it… if I was a boy. Here are some of my very favorite boy things out there right now.

  1. 21 Men, Button Shoulder Sweater
  2. 21 Men, Blended Striped Sweater Jacket
  3. JCrew, Sperry Topsider CVO Sneaker
  4. JCrew, New Balance for JCrew
  5. 21 Men, Classic Canvas Belt
  6. Gap, Camera Graphic Tee
  7. Old Navy, LS Classic