Welcome Back Carter!

I love Carter’s for the basics and they have some cute stuff for my little chunk of a 4 month old right now.  I have a slight obsession with baby socks so I’ll go ahead and admit that those have been purchased.

  1. short sleeve 5-pack bodysuits, Carter’s
  2. Carter’s Boys Duck/Mud Boot – Tan/Brown, Babies R Us
  3. Carter’s Boys 6-Pack Everyday Play Computer Socks, Babies R Us
  4. Carter’s Boys 4-Pack L/S Bodysuits – Grey, Babies R Us

A Birthday for the Cars Obsessed

My oldest son will be 3 in October and his current obsession is Cars 2. He knows what country the racers are from, what their numbers are, where the 3 races in the World Grand Prix take place, etc etc. So, we play with cars every. single. day.  Keeping that in mind I’ve been trying to come up something for his birthday.  I’ve got 3 different things in mind that are potential winners.

  1. Park & Play Service Garage (CP Toys)- works with die-cast cars, has multiple ramps for driving or crashing vehicles (omg), has a working elevator (omg omg), and a car wash (omg omg omg)!!
  2. Disney Pixar Cars 2 Charge Ups Track Set (Target)- you charge up cars and then they race around the track on their own
  3. Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis (Amazon)- or a marble run of some sort. The kiddo got to play with one of these in real life and dude was busy for a WHILE.

So tell me other moms of car obsessed children, what do I need?

Come On Cold Weather

Mini Boden has some of the cutest boy stuff for fall and winter and I’m definitely a sucker for stripes, which seems to be their specialty!!

  1. Padded Gilet
  2. Layered Polo
  3. Stripy Jersey Hoody
  4. Snowboard Hoody
  5. 7 Pack Socks
  6. Chunky Jumper

My First Impression

My little man is suffering from his second ear infection in a month, so what does his granny do? Well, she showers him with tons of new clothes and toys, of course! She brought him the most adorable outfit from the brand First Impressions. It was then that I hit the ‘net to search for more adorable duds by this label. My first impression is this stuff is darn cute!

  1. Macys, Two Piece Hooded Shirt and Pants
  2. Macys, 3 Piece Set
  3. Macys, Layered Tee and Twill Pants
  4. Macys, Baby Boy Knit Blanket
  5. Macys, Plaid Fleece Jacket
  6. Macys, Hooded Jacket and Pants Set

The Perfect Shoes

My baby loving friend Court gifted my son with the BEST first shoes ever. AJ’s feet are big and fat and would not fit in most shoes I tried to shove his poor foot into. When we received these they were perfect to say the least! I went back and bought more pairs in bigger sizes and colors just in case they don’t still have them when we need them. They are soft and flexible, yet don’t make him look like a street urchin when I let him down in public places. Well done, Court!

Target, Trumpette Too Infant Tennie

Fall for My Boy

Recently someone commented to me that they were not sure who decided that girl baby clothes are cuter than boys. I could not agree more and I can not WAIT for cooler weather for many, many reasons, but DUDE to see my little man in some of this stuff doing his wobbly chubby legged baby walk…just shoot me now. SO CUTE.

  1. Old Navy, Boys Baseball Tee
  2. Gymboree, Plaid Cuffed Denim
  3. Carters, Body Suits
  4. Carters, Grey and Orange Sneakers
  5. Old Navy, Frost Free Vest for Baby
  6. Old Navy, Hooded Waffle Knit Shirts
  7. Carters, 3 Pk Rugby Socks
  8. Children’s Place, Pull on Cargos
  9. Walmart, Garanimals Fleece Zip Hoodie
  10. Children’s Place, 3 in 1 Fleece Hat

Ween For Your Ring

We all know I have 3 crazed lunatic weiner dogs that think they own my house. While, they have take backstage to this little adorable creature for the last nine months +

I do still care for these weenies more than most would if they ever saw how nuts they are. That being said, I guess I’m still a crazy weenie dog lady and when I saw this… Well, its a weenie ring holder aka a ween for your rings and OMG its cute!

Charlotte Russe, Weiner Dog Ring Holder

Baby V

My hubby is a big fan of the V-Neck tee, so when I saw these in baby form… OMG I have to have one for his little mini me. And I mean, STAT!

Gap, Baby V Neck

The Best Toy Yet

Little did I know how popular this foam mat would be when I purchased it for a cushy place for AJ to play. Who knew that not only would it be a place to sit, stand, roll and flop…it doubles as the #1 pick for something to teeth on and triples as an all around favorite toy to rip apart and have mommy put back to together.  $24 well spent. I can’t recommend it enough.

My Baby is 9!

You know Aus from here and you may recognize him from here.  He’s the light of my life, keeps me laughing every day and has been an honor to raise for the last 9 years!  I absolutely love being a mom and more beneficially feel so lucky to be HIS mom.  Happy Birthday Austin!