To Spend or NOT to Spend

THAT is the question. I don’t have any curtains hanging in my house, but I would like to start slowly dressing my windows. First up, my office!

I want long, chocolate curtains, but my dilemma is: do I spend the extra $$$ to get good quality curtains or do I get the cheapo’s? What have you done in your house?


  1. My $29.99 (each) Target window panels work great. They’re as thick as blankets and block a lot of light. I dont think any window panel is worth $8 unless the pattern is to die for.

  2. Christina says:

    Get the cheapos! Although the two you posted weren’t that different in price.

    I had a hard time finding curtains that were inexpensive AND met all my requirements (bright blue and room darkening) I needed for my sons room. I ended up finding some really nice, and inexpensive, ones at Walmart (after searching for over a year…and making a lot of returns). I just can’t fathom spending that much on curtains, when places like Target and Walmart have some good quality ones for a pretty good price.

  3. I’m normally a fan of going cheap, but I gotta tell ya…
    go cheap on the curtains and shell out the dough for quality hardware, rods and pullbacks.
    Good luck!

  4. Agreed. Go cheap on the curtains and spend a little more on the hardware. I actually found some lovely curtains from IKEA for my bedroom that I adore and they were dirt cheap. I didn’t even spend all that much on hardware from JC Penney. The way I think of it is this – I won’t be spending that much more time in my current house, and curtains stay with the house – so why spend a lot of $$? If you are in your dream home, then I would maybe spend a little more.

  5. Definitely cheap! I found all my great stuff at Big Lots, of all places. Rods and hardware, too! And I get compliments all the time! Don’t forget TJMaxx and Homegopds, either.

  6. Thanks for the input guys…looks like I’ll be going the cheap route (my husband will thank you too)!

  7. i hear ikea is the way to go, unless you’re up for DIYing your own no-sew version like jon and sherry from (curtain how-to:

    good luck! :o)