Rodeo Time

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As yall all know we live in Texas, Houston to be specific and we just had the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo happening out here. If you aren’t familiar with that, it’s about 3 weeks of mainly big name country artists performing in our big stadium after rodeo competitions. So anyway, my point, I promise I’m getting at it…its our time to dress in our fancy cowboy boots and hit the town. Normally when you are hitting up the rodeo you can count on having to do a lot of walking so I usually wear my comfy cowboy boots, the ones I KNOW won’t be killing my feet by the end of the night. This time around when Sarah and I hit up the George Strait concert I took a chance and wore some boots that were brand spankin new. Ridiculous right? Why would I do that to myself? Well let me tell you…these boots were THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. boots! I mean you’d have thought I had worn tennis shoes! And the color of them ain’t too shabby!

Pecos Bill Women’s 12″ Fancy Cowboy Boots with Contrast Embroidery – Turquoise, Langstons