Okabashi Flops

It’s no secret for those who know me that I wear flip flops 99% of the time.  It’s going to need to be REAL cold or REEEAL fancy to get me out of my flops. I ran into these at my local Wally World on a random grocery trip and I am really digging them. I typically wear my Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops, but these are just as comfortable just in a different way. These are less squishy and soft, but they have these massaging bumps in your arch that makes for happy feet as you walk around and I’m all for that.




Super Sneakers

These tennis shoes are THE BOMB. Initially I had purchased these for both of my boys but then I saw that they offered them in adult sizes too and now my husband and I both wear them as well. They have arch support unlike Converse, so they are super comfy in my book. My husband also has been wearing them a ton and says they are the most comfortable tennis shoe he has aside from his workout tennis shoes. The boys shoes have held up very well, my oldest wears his to school everyday and just keep on truckin. The best part of these shoes? ALL OF THE COLORS. SO MANY COLORS.
Superga Tennis Shoes

Rodeo Time

langstons_2255_38416140 (1)
As yall all know we live in Texas, Houston to be specific and we just had the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo happening out here. If you aren’t familiar with that, it’s about 3 weeks of mainly big name country artists performing in our big stadium after rodeo competitions. So anyway, my point, I promise I’m getting at it…its our time to dress in our fancy cowboy boots and hit the town. Normally when you are hitting up the rodeo you can count on having to do a lot of walking so I usually wear my comfy cowboy boots, the ones I KNOW won’t be killing my feet by the end of the night. This time around when Sarah and I hit up the George Strait concert I took a chance and wore some boots that were brand spankin new. Ridiculous right? Why would I do that to myself? Well let me tell you…these boots were THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. boots! I mean you’d have thought I had worn tennis shoes! And the color of them ain’t too shabby!

Pecos Bill Women’s 12″ Fancy Cowboy Boots with Contrast Embroidery – Turquoise, Langstons

Sandal Weather

I’m ready for sandal weather aren’t yall? I believe these may have to be a purchase in the very near future for me, but which color to choose!

Mossimo Nina Braided Strap Thong, Target

Foot Yoga

I came across these by chance and they have changed my life in the last few years, so I will divulge my secret.  Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops are for reals the best thing that has ever been on my foot. When I HAVE to wear another pair of shoes, I will, but reluctantly. Then I count the seconds until my feet and these shoes can be reunited again.  The soles are the same texture and consistency of a very squishy yoga mat and the straps are super soft. I could walk for hours in these flops and have no complaints regarding my footwear. They come in many varieties and colors, but my personal fav are the leopard print…. I think they go with everything. Leopard is totally a neutral, at least in my book!


Shoes I’m Living In

ak-shoes I live in
I have lots of shoes, in lots of colors. But this past year has been pretty tough so I decided at some point (probably when I was wracking my brain for what to wear one day and was absolutely run into the ground) that I needed to just buy some nice looking comfortable flats that will go with EVERYTHING and I won’t have to THINK. So without further ado…the flats/moccasins/loafers that I’ve been living in for the past year (aside from flip flops in the summer):
Vince Camuto ‘Ellen’ Flat – Caramel This one and the black flat are the exact same shoe, different color. I bought the black ones first and wore them so much because they are SO COMFORTABLE that I bought the caramel just recently.
Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc – Brown Suede These might be the closest thing to wearing slippers outside of your house you can get. SOOOOOOO comfortable.
Vince Camuto ‘Ellen’ Flat – Black
Lacoste Women’s Concours – Tan Suede LOVE LOVE LOVE these, again..very comfortable. I couldn’t find the exact ones that I own which are tan suede, but they are this same exact style. There are some really cute ones in this same style that are out right now that are brown with a berry colored detail–super duper cute.

Cowboy Boots + Leg Warmers

I’m in love with this picture above, specifically the bright colored leg warmers.  I’m also in love with cowboy boots.  I’m thinking I need to pair up some shorty cowboy boots with some leg warmers or cuffs via etsy and some jeggings.  What say you?

Old Gringo Nevada 10″, Zappos
Dingo Women’s Adobe Rose 7″, Langston’s
Ariat Women’s Coloma 8″ , Langston’s
Dingo Women’s Metro 7″, Langston’s
Corral Women’s Eagle Stitched Distressed Crackle Saddle Boots 10″, Langston’s
Dingo 5 Below, Zappos
Ariat Women’s Shada Cowboy Boots 9″, Langston’s
Full Blossom Boots, Sundance Catalog

Fabulous Footwear Friday!!

These sure would be fun to plan outfits around!

1. Jodeci by BCBGeneration
2. Perries by BCBGeneration
3. Jorgie by Vince Camuto
4. Cathi by Steven by Steve Madden

Fabulous Footwear Friday

It’s getting cooler here you guys! I’m PUMPED! I’m ready to switch from flip-flops to boots! I did actually pass someone at the nail salon the other day who was wearing boots while I was wearing my flip-flops and I had to laugh. I mean I just can’t do the boots right now, if I’m going to sweat my ass off wearing them, can’t do it. Sorry. What I CAN do is PREPARE! These boots are on sale! And cute! And if they aren’t in style next winter I won’t have felt bad about spending an arm and a leg on them!

Women’s Riley Tall Slouch Boot, Payless

Fabulous Footwear Friday!!

I am in love with the look of these! They are super smart and yet a great basic for your closet.  Definitely envisioning a striped top with these.  Are you a fan of the cap toe?

Corso Como Finch Flat, Nordstrom