Clutch Season

So, I am sure you all have fabulous lives where you have about a trillion holiday parties lined up and you have a super cute outfit lined up for each. Do you know what you are probably missing from that outfit? A clutch! A nifty little bag to accompany your sassy frass dress. Well, my favorite store has so many adorable ones to choose from with holiday flair!

  1. Target, Merona Feather Clutch
  2. Target, Merona Shirred Envelope Clutch
  3. Target, Merona Box Clutch with Jewels
  4. Target, La Regale Pleated Bow Clutch

Party Time: Get Your Queso On!

Do you know what could make the above combo even better?

ak-slow cooker liners2

I just blew your mind didn’t I?  Go forth, make it happen, eat your queso.

A Cupful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

And by medicine of course you knew I meant PIE.  Pie for the HOLIDAYS. The holidays COMING UP!!  Spruce up your measuring with these adorable measuring cups/spoons.  Who knew measuring cups could be so FUN!


  1. Anthropologie, Izmir Measuring Cups
  2. Anthropologie, Florist Measuring Cups
  3. Anthropologie, Mod Measuring Set
  4. Anthropologie, Puffer Bird Measuring Cups

Note to self:  Throw away toddler gnawed measuring cups.

Holiday Gift Ideas from CB2: $20 and Under!

The holidays are right around the corner…


  1. Libertinis
  2. Stainless Steel Snack Bowls
  3. Wilma Appetizer Plate
  4. Lumiere Candleholders
  5. Tree Soapdish/Ring Holder

My son was M.J. for Halloween…

What was yours?

All items for costume we either hand made or non-Halloween-Costume-Store finds (silver glove with sequins glued on, black wind pants, white tank, used white button down, borrowed black curly wig, black dress shoes).

Happy Halloween!!