Get it?  You can thank Der for that knee slapper.  So…to go along with my all.things.Asian.obsession, I’ve always wanted and loved Kimonos. In fact, I wore one for a particular Halloween (about 4 years ago)  and I believe that just may have been the happiest day of my life, well next to various other moments (childbirth, meeting my love–you know, the usual ladies).

I guess as an attempt to relive that moment on Halloween, I been loving on the Kimono styled shirts.  My picks:

  1. Alloy Paisley Kimono
  2. Francesca’s Sparkle & Sprinkle Kimono
  3. Target Xhilaration V-Neck Kimono Top
  4. Walmart’s Norma Kamali Stripe Jersey Kimono
  5. J. Jill Floral Kimono

My son was M.J. for Halloween…

What was yours?

All items for costume we either hand made or non-Halloween-Costume-Store finds (silver glove with sequins glued on, black wind pants, white tank, used white button down, borrowed black curly wig, black dress shoes).

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloweiner!

Here they are showing off their handmade costumes. Can’t you just see the pride gleaming from their eyes.



Happy Halloween! Love, Zoe and Luca

Tipsy Society’s Official Scary Movie Picks

Top 5

(in no particular order)

  1. The Ring (court’s pick)
  2. The Exorcist (der’s pick)
  3. The Shining (consensus)
  4. Halloween 1 & 2 (ak’s pick)
  5. Silence of the Lambs (sarah’s pick)

Runner Up

The Amityville Horror

Or maybe we just like this movie because of this scene–if you want scary read the book.  What’s your favorite scary movie?


Happy Halloween Everyone!

What’s That? What’s That? It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Are you dressing up your wee one this Halloween?  You know, the one that probably hasn’t even had candy yet, but so you can take him around your neighborhood and get yourself candy?  Or are you going to spend the money on a costume for one Halloween picture?  Either way, I have found some TURBO cute costumes that are sure to drive the little one INSANE what with all the stuff around his face and making it difficult to walk and all.  But GOOD LORD they are cute, aren’t they?  I think it’s a tie for me between the Masked Owl and the Roast Turkey…mmmmhmmm baby toes!!

  1., Tom Arma Skunk
  2., Tom Arma Monkey
  3., Lobster Infant Costume
  4., Infant Lil Elephant Costume
  5. Martha Stewart, Roast Turkey Costume
  6. Martha Stewart, Masked Owl