Random Shopping Prevails Again

Of all the places I would think I would wind up, Sears is not one of them…. unless I’m in the market for a new lawnmower or something. But, there I was browsing Sears. What I uncovered is pretty spectacular though, so there need not really be further explanation.

  1. Sears, Ruffled Neck Jacquard Dress
  2. Sears, Circle Print Sheath Dress
  3. Sears, Textured Bodice Embroidered Waist Dress
  4. Sears, Womens Glory Orange Patent Sandals
  5. Sears, Polka Dot Dress with Bottom Ruffle Tier
  6. Sears, Crochet Cleo Tank
  7. Sears, Womens Jazz Wedge
  8. Sears, Womens Flora Turquoise Sandal

Summer Finds Under $30

I thought I’d share a few of my more recent purchases with you all, since we are friends and all. Keep in mind I am nearing 7 mos preggo, but most of these can apply to just about anyone. I’ve even enclosed a belly update for you all… with my #3 purchase.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Eyelet Tiered Maxi Dress
  2. Charlotte Russe, Smocked Tube Babydoll Dress
  3. Forever21, Basic Tube Top
  4. Target, Long and Lean Tank
  5. Target, Mossimo Smocked Waist Dress
  6. Forever21, Jeweled Panache Hoops
  7. Payless, Shout Strappy Flat Sandal

Frugalista Finds at LOFT

While recently cruising the mall with my sister, she stepped into one of her favorite stores LOFT to browse. What she uncovered was a mega sale of cute, cute, cute proportions. Check out these gorgeous pieces for additional 50% off!

  1. Loft, Ruched Halter Dress
  2. Loft, Tiered Ruffle Cami
  3. Loft, Tiered Knit Skirt
  4. Loft, Slim Cargo Pants with Belt
  5. Loft, Bubble Necklace Tank
  6. Loft, Giraffe Print Silk Dress

10 Summer Tops for $10 Tops

It’s been a while since we went on a good ole’ fashioned bargain hunt… how about these ADORABLE finds for under $10!!

  1. Kohls, Striped Tube Halter Top
  2. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Tank
  3. Walmart, Womens Smocked Woven Top
  4. Old Navy, Ruffle Strap Tie Belt Tank
  5. Forever21, Banded Knit Dress– This says “dress”, but let’s get real.
  6. Walmart, Organic Cotton Striped Ruffle Tank
  7. Walmart, Flower Applique Jersey Tunic
  8. Walmart, Maternity Ruffle V Neck Tank
  9. Walmart, Womens Crochet Tank
  10. Old Navy, Womens Petal Trim Tank

Pretty Things at Every Price: Crossbody Bags

The Tipsy gals are up for another challenge.  We are on the hunt for that perfect crossbody (something that is very near and dear to my heart), but with each gal in a diff price range.

  1. Der’s ($14.94) Poppie Jones Fashion Crossbody Bag –  such a fun color and UNBELIEVABLE price! Perfect for a date night or girls night out when you don’t wanna be lugging around some hefty satchel.
  2. Court’s (29.99) Libby Edelman Woven Detail Convertible Crossbody Bag – love this throwback/hippie-ish look.  Love the price and of course love that its on the smaller side. The woven details and color make this look really unique.
  3. AK’s ($36.00) Croft & Borrow Crossbody – Pewter! I love this color, it goes with EVERYTHING! I can see this number helping me out considerably during our annual Round Top extravaganza.
  4. Sarah’s ($48.00) Steve Madden Bluvsic Crossbody– I’m loving the dressiness of this bag…it’s like sporty “glam” spice! (I also agree with AK that pewter is the WAY TO GO in the bag department…)

There you have it.  We’ll be up for more of these price challenges, so stay tuned or let us know what you want us to find on your budget!

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Sunglasses are not something I’m willing to shovel out a ton of cash on. Well, it’s because I’ll just scratch them, break them, lose them, or see like 57 pairs that I NEED to own. Plus, I find that you can find great knock offs that resemble the high dolla’ ones at that. So, here are some cutie patooties that are worth the small greenbacks.

  1. Forever21, Sunglasses
  2. Urban Outfitters, Sweetheart Sunglasses
  3. Charlotte Russe, Milky Large Rectangular Sunglasses
  4. Charlotte Russe, Leopard Print Sunglasses
  5. Target, Oversized Fashion Sunglasses
  6. Alloy, Kena Aviators

Little Black $20.00 Dress

Everyone needs a LBD. The possibilities are endless on that basic black canvas. Your little black dress can also cost little moola. Here are just a few I scouted out that are equally super cute as they are super cheap.

  1. Walmart,  All In One Jersey Dress
  2. Walmart, Ponte Shift Dress with Skinny Belt
  3. Walmart, Maternity Tie Waist Jersey Dress
  4. Walmart, Pleated Strapless Tie Back Party Dress
  5. Walmart, Womens Crochet Trim Dress
  6. Walmart, V Neck Cap Sleeve Dress with Patent Belt

Total Stoner

Stone jewelry and accents are my favorite, but for the real thing–they tend to be on the expensive side… so, I like the knock offs. (SHOCKING, I know). Here are some recently found stone embellished items that I’m dying over.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Stone Studded Flat Sandal
  2. Charlotte Russe, Inverted Teardrop Earrings
  3. Avon, Big and Bold Y Necklace
  4. Forever21, Beaded Bib Trim Top
  5. Charlotte Russe, Stretch Rectangular Link Bracelet
  6. Forever21, Dangle Stone Earrings

Maxi Dresses That Won’t Max You Out

Maxi dresses are like wearing your night gown all damned day and what could be better than that, honestly. So, here is a darling selection of maxi style dresses all under… $20.00! You heard me. Now, get to shoppin!

  1. Forever21, Fab Solid Maxi Dress
  2. Walmart, Smocked Knit Maxi Dress
  3. Forever21, Floral Tropics Maxi Dress
  4. Walmart, Organic Cotton Maxi Dress
  5. Walmart, Maternity Twist Waist Maxi Dress
  6. Forever21, Maxi Tube Dress
  7. Walmart, Tiered Denim Maxi Dress
  8. Forever21, Basic Knit Maxi Dress

Don’t Fight the Bright

As y’all have all been told, I am a ginormous fan of color and I have been seeing some purty cute brights for spring that are makin me stop in my tracks. For those of you scaredy cats, just use one of these as your pop of color and springy and fun you will be!

  1. Old Navy, Faux Leather Trimmed Cresent Totes
  2. Old Navy, Neon Digital Sports Watches
  3. Forever21, Sunglasses
  4. Old Navy, Faux Patent Leather Gladiator Sandals
  5. Old Navy, Sling Back Flip Flops
  6. Old Navy, Womens Beaded Cuff Bracelet
  7. Forever21, Woven Leatherette Hobo