The Shabby Apple Swims!

I’m loving these Shabby Apple bathing suits..I didn’t even realize they carried bathing suits! I probably won’t be getting anywhere near a swimsuit this summer after having a baby in May but these are definitely right up my alley.  I’m not a bikini kinda gal, never have been. Soooo I love how cute these are!!

  1. Amalfi
  2. Astra
  3. Isola
  4. Viola
  5. Cocomero
  6. Sunshine Coast

Just Keep Swimming…

This week is spring break here in Texas and that means swim suits. Even though I am not going anywhere near a beach or a pool this year, I still am drooling over all these new retro style suits…

  1. Modcloth, Women’s Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece
  2. Modcloth, Bathing Beauty One Piece
  3. Modcloth, By The Boardwalk One Piece
  4. Walmart, Suddenly Slim by Catalina-Shirred Halter Swimsuit
  5. Target, Merona Women’s Bandeau Shirred One Piece
  6. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Push Up Halter
  7. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Bandeau Top
  8. Victoria’s Secret, Retro Push Up Triangle Top

Puddle Jumpers!

This summer my son has been old enough to maybe “enjoy” the pool.  So the first time we tried out the baby pool in our neighborhood, it was more like a combination of a heart attack, panic attack and stress city combined into one for me.  After that day I went on the hunt for something that would keep my kid’s head above the water.  And this is what I found:

Amazon, Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

This thing is a miracle! He can jump off the side and keep his head above water.  He can “swim” and keep his head above water.  I can take him in the big pool and he can keep his head above water.  It’s awesome!  Today was a much less stressful day at the pool!

Spanx Makes Bathing Suits?!

I had no idea Spanx made bathing suits! I’m not much for getting in a swimsuit, I’ll just be honest.  I’m white as a sheet people, it’s not pleasant to blind people as I walk around in my bathing suit.  I’ve never been the bikini type, ever.  One piece all the way…and after having a kiddo it seems Spanx may be my only option for myself as well as others.  Ahh who am I kidding….but man these sure are cute aren’t they??

  1. One-Shoulder One Piece
  2. Deep-V One Piece
  3. Convertible One Piece
  4. Structured One Piece
  5. Bandeaux One Piece

The Cover Up

I’m not generally a huge fan of getting in a bathing suit, so when I do, I gotta have a cover-up.  And seeing as how I might be in a swimsuit a little more this summer because my kiddo loves the hell out of the baby pool, I’m probably going to need a stylin’ cover-up.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Tube Dress
  2. Dillards, Raisins Twisty Strap Coverup
  3. Macys, Ralph Lauren Darcy Tunic Coverup
  4. Victoria’s Secret, Terry Tiered empire dress
  5. Walmart, Faded Glory Women’s Print Halter Maxi Dress

Sassy Swimwear

The one piece used to not have the flair that it has today. Now you can be fully covered and still be sassy and as sexy as ever. I actually think these may be a little better… you know, leaving more for the imagination unlike some of those butt floss bikinis.

  1. Walmart, Womens Shirred Halter Swimsuit
  2. Walmart, Womens One Shoulder Maillot
  3. Alloy, Deep V Ruffle One Piece
  4. Victoria’s Secret, Retro One Piece
  5. Newport News, Bandeau Swimsuit
  6. Target, Bandeau Shirred One Piece
  7. Kohls, One Piece Halter Swimsuit
  8. Newport News, All Over Control Halter Swimwsuit with Drawstring Neck