Flowers that are a little Tipsy?

After stumbling upon these arrangements, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share them with our TIPSY readers! I mean are these not the funnest flower arrangements ever?!  I would love to send these to my Tipsy gals and maybe the beer to my hubby.  So watch out…when you say buy me a drink next time, I might say ok and send you one of these! hahaha

  1. 1-800-Flowers, Beer Mug of Blooms
  2. 1-800-Flowers, Margarita Bouquet

Tip Toe Through The Tulips (or Roses or Daisies or…)

While in college I worked for a florist and basically had the gopher type of job…I could make arrangements, corsages, funeral sprays, answer the phone, make deliveries, pick up lunch for the whole gang…like I said pretty much anything…  It wasn’t a BAD job, I mean the floral knowledge I obtained was phenomenal, however as with any retail job you start hating holidays and let me tell you I abhorred Valentine’s Day.  This basically meant 72 hours straight of wearing layer after layer of sweatshirts/sweatpants so we wouldn’t have to have the flowers in the cooler but rather sitting anywhere in the shop along with standing in knee deep stripped rose leaves and thorns and arranging the same damn dozen long stem roses arrangement.  If I never see another LONG STEM ROSE ARRANGEMENT it will be too soon–let’s just call that Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from having worked there.  So I’m more keen on short roundy moundy arrangements.  I’ll give you one exception to the long stem aversion: orchids.  Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend!  And if you love long stem roses, I hope I didn’t offend you…it’s not you, it’s me.

  1. 1-800-Flowers, Martha Stewart Sherbet Rose Bouquet
  2. Teleflora, Sweet Thoughts
  3. Teleflora, PS I Love You
  4. Teleflora, Mad About You
  5. ProFlowers, Smooch
  6. 1-800-Flowers, Exotic Breeze Orchids with Godiva