Toddler Books in High Rotation at My House

If you are looking for a gift for a little one on your list, let me tell you….these 5 books are almost at falling apart state because my kiddo LOVES LOVES LOVES them. He carries them around, he brings them to me or my husband to read, he wants to turn the pages, and on and on.

ak-toddler books

  1. Baby Fix My Car, this book is part of a series of the “Baby Be of Use” books.  They are hysterical.  I’m not sure what draws my son to the car one, but he likes to just carry it around with him.
  2. Five Silly Monkeys, about monkeys jumping on a bed and all their shenanigans that ensue because of it.  My son loves the rhymes and of course the end…you’ll have to read it, I don’t want to ruin it for you.
  3. The Going to Bed Book, just a cute cute book.  This was my son’s first favorite book ever…I can’t even count how many times I’ve read this.
  4. If You See a Kitten, initially you might think this is a girly book but OH NO!  This book has many opportunities to partake in special sound effects and my son LOVES it!
  5. The Pigeon Loves Things That Go, if you haven’t heard of this pigeon series–OMG you MUST!  They are super super funny, very fun to read and have both me, my husband and my son cracking up.  This is just one of the favs, but all of them are great.

Knock Your Socks Off

We’ve all seen the Trumpette Mary Jane Socks for girls but what about the little guys?  What do we have to cover up those chubby little baby cankles??  I’ve got just the thing to keep those baby toes toasty!


  1. Uncommon Goods, Johnny Skater Socks
  2. Boden, 7 Pack Sock Box
  3. Amazon, Trumpette Baby Camo Socks
  4. Uncommon Goods, Johnny Infant Socks
  5. Amazon, Trumpette PeeWee Argyle Box Set