Who Needs Two Sleeves Anyway?

You’re Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One side is a little slutty and the other is conservative and buttoned up. What a great concept!

  1. Urban Original, Strike Out Top
  2. Arden B, Swirl Print One Shoulder Top
  3. Victoria’s Secret, One Shoulder Tunic
  4. Ralph Lauren, Sonya One Shoulder Top
  5. Forever21, One Sleeve Top
  6. Forever21, Blurred Garden Shoulder Top

Groovy Baby

Tie dye seems to be dying to make a come back and I find myself actually wanting to take part in the trend. As long as we leave our mood rings and peace sign necklaces at home, I think we will be alright.

  1. Dillards, Anama Tie Dye Tube Top
  2. C & C California, Tie Dye Striped Tank
  3. Motherhood Maternity, Faux Wrap Maternity Shirt
  4. Arden B, One Shoulder Drop Waist Top
  5. Arden B, Crochet Back Tie Dye Tunic
  6. Forever21, Peep Back Tie Dye Top