Comfy Cozy

I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job that I love AND I get to work from home! Working from home means, I rarely wear makeup (unless I have a lunch date w/ one of my fabulous Tipsy gals or co-workers) and I rarely wear anything other than lounge wear.

Luckily, me being preggo has not effected this part of my wardrobe because I can still wear ALL of my pre-pregnancy faves (at least as far as the pants go)! Here are some of the staples of my “working from home” wardrobe:

  1. Athleta, Breathe Pant (These come in long sizes so I don’t have to rock “capri” pants when it’s 30 degrees outside.)
  2. Target, Liz Lange Maternity Straight Leg Lounge Pants (Hands down, most comfortable pants EVER.)
  3. Target, Mossimo Plus-size Short Sleeve Basic Tee (I accidentally bought this shirt thinking it was maternity wear, but it turned out to be super-cute. Even if you’re not preggo, just buy the tee in a size smaller than your typical tee. It’s the perfect “slouchy stylish” tee. OH and it’s really long so it will cover your butt when you’re wearing yoga pants!)
  4. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Slippers (Best slippers EVER.)

Tipsy Favs: Loungewear

We Tipsy Ladies love our loungewear and we are very particular about what we lounge in.  We thought we would share with you our old standbys in the loungewear department today.

  1. Court-Soffe Shorts-I started wearing these In high school and more or less never stopped.  8 dollars and tons of lounging. They come in any color too. A neon yellow version of these made their way into my Halloween costume two years ago (80’s aerobic instructor).
  2. AK-Cafe Pasqual T-Shirt-I have this t-shirt from Cafe Pasquals in Santa Fe, NM and I swear to you that it is the most comfortable t-shirt I own.  It is just big enough to be loungey but not overly sloppy and it is SO SOFT.  I have no idea why this t-shirt is my favorite t-shirt in the world, but it is definitely my go-to loungewear at home.  And it’s SOFT.  Did I mention how SOFT it is? It also reminds me that I must go back at some point for more Huevos Rancheros.  If you haven’t been to Cafe Pasquals in Santa Fe, NM for breakfast, you simply must.
  3. Sarah-Reversible Flipside Pant-Love, love these yoga pants and I wear them around the house almost daily…it’s hard to find lounge pants when you’re tall b/c they all end up being cropped pants. They’re soft, comfy, come in Tall sizes, AND seem to go on clearance a lot!
  4. Der-Capri Legging-Best $6 I ever spent… if I did a cost per wear ratio on these I’m positive I’m a big winner.