Your Hair is Inexplicable

I’ve been having a bad hair summer. It’s been ferociously hot and humid here…more so than years past. And I have wavy, coarse hair, and of course I try and straighten it and it just frizzes right out when I walk outside.  It’s much happier in the winter.

So I decided to change up my hair products to see what I can do and here is what I’m working with now:

  1. Avon Lotus Shield-Sarah over at Hair Thursday introduced me to this and this is what I had to say about it.
  2. Osis Flattening Liquid-The lady that cuts my hair introduced this to me. I had been using Chi Straight Guard and felt like it was weighing my hair down a bit much. She told me that I needed different products in different weather.  This flattening liquid is like a very lightweight gel as opposed to a creme.
  3. Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press-I alternate between this and some other thermal guard sprays before I straighten my hair and this one seems to be working at the moment.

Total Stoner

Stone jewelry and accents are my favorite, but for the real thing–they tend to be on the expensive side… so, I like the knock offs. (SHOCKING, I know). Here are some recently found stone embellished items that I’m dying over.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Stone Studded Flat Sandal
  2. Charlotte Russe, Inverted Teardrop Earrings
  3. Avon, Big and Bold Y Necklace
  4. Forever21, Beaded Bib Trim Top
  5. Charlotte Russe, Stretch Rectangular Link Bracelet
  6. Forever21, Dangle Stone Earrings