I <3 Pop Culture T's

It’s true, I think nothing gives honor to a hilarious saying or youtube video like memorializing it on a t-shirt forever.  These are some I love and I thought you all needed to see for a good laugh.

  1. I’m a Cat Person
  2. We’ll Do it Live!
  3. Chinchillin
  4. Suck it Trebek – for my Tipsy gal AK and one of her favorite SNL skits.
  5. Gizmo
  6. Wiener Lover – for my Tipsy gal Der and we all know she really loves wieners.
  7. Team Edward– for all my twihards out there.
  8. Damn it Feels Good to be a Hamsta’
  9. One Slipped Past the Goalie – another one for my Tipsy gal Der.  The wiener lover tee and this tee kinds of correlate.  🙂

For great places to find affordable, hilarious and creative tees, check out some of my favorite sites:

Whats your favorite tee?