$50 Fridays: Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a Twist

Sometimes all you need is something black with some jazzed up pearls and you are all set! These pearls are a little less stuffy aka a little more me.

  1. Forever21, Basic Stretch Knit Tee
  2. Downeast Basics, Pearl and Hot Pink Flower Necklace
  3. Old Navy, Wide Leg Trousers
  4. $15 Dollar Store, Strappy Stiletto Sandals

Not A Hideous Skirt Convention

DownEast Basics has got it going on AK-style in the form of skirts.  Requirements: they can’t be too short and they MUST be colorful so that I can pair it with a t-shirt of my choice and some comfy flip flops.

  1. Spring Scene Skirt
  2. Breathtaking Beauty Skirt
  3. Key Lime Skirt
  4. Free Form Skirt
  5. Stroke of Art Skirt
  6. Pacific Paisley Skirt