My Current Crush: Peacock Feathers

I am loving on these bright and unique feathered trends.

  1. Peacock Dress
  2. Peacock Inspired Necklace
  3. Peacock Clutch (has an optional changing pad insert ladies!)
  4. Peacock Silver Earrings

Pretty Things At Every Price: Maxi Dresses

Last week we did strapless dresses and this week we are doing maxi dresses! And Sarah just talked about these recently as well. I think all of us Tipsy gals wear them except for Court because she’s a SHORTY.  I’m a semi shorty, so some maxi dresses I encounter drag the ground, but others work out just fine!

  1. Der-Maxi Halter Dress-This one is super cheap and is quite festive in color… which makes me love it more. Plus, I really like the semi-sweetheartish neckline.
  2. Court-A Walk in the Clouds Maxi-Love the pattern and from a store I absolutely love.  I think the concept of this dress is GREAT, but would be very interested to where this would fall on me.  It might drag the ground, even being as short as it is!  These dresses generally do that to me.
  3. AK-Ruffle Neck Maxi Dress-I love the ruffles (obvs) but I also love the criss-cross back.  I think there’s really nothing sexier than a criss-cross back on a gal.
  4. Sarah-Gianni Bini Logan Knit Dress-I LOVE the colors in this dress! (It makes me wish that I was on a tropical island somewhere…)