Christmas Wishlist: AK Edition

I had sort of a hard time thinking about what I would want for Christmas this year….insane right? Last year I went to town on a dream list and this year I could barely come up with a  realistic list!! What’s wrong with me!!  So here’s my short list of goodies I’d love, I’ve left off boring things like new towels, a new duvet cover and a new set of drinking glasses…I didn’t want you to fall asleep while browsing!

  1. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, Brookstone-My mom has one similar to this and it gets the job done.  Kind of a set it and forget it kind of jewelry cleaner.
  2. Present Day Pearl Hoops, Sundance-These are fantastic and would be a great go with everything type of earring.
  3. Jackie Cardigan, J.Crew-I love this cardigan and have it in a few colors thanks to the outlet near my house.  I could sure use it in cerise, navy or dried parsley.
  4. Travel Envelope, Abas Accessories-I end up having a ton of paper stuff free flowing in my purse and I’d love a leather envelope to keep it in.  This would fit the bill!
  5. Michele Silicon Watch Strap, Nordstrom-I have a Michele watch and would LOVE a silicon band…any color would do but this green sure is fun!
  6. Iced Blueberry Ring, Lolo’s Rings-I have a ring from this story and have been eyeing this one ever since.
  7. PixelSkin for iPhone, Speck-I need a new case and I’m loving this green one.

Etsy Spotlight: Lo Lo’s Rings

Rings!  I LOVE bright funky rings!  One funky ring can add just the pop of color an outfit needs.  I was just browsing Etsy one day…like I do every most days.  Shut up, everyone does it. Wait. What? You don’t browse Etsy EVERYDAY??  Loser.  So anyway, I ran across Lo Lo’s Rings and fell in love with the Crabby Patties Ring.  You would not believe what I can wear this ring with…ALOT, trust me.  Lo Lo’s Rings are super comfy because they have elastic cords for the band.  I’ve been eyeing the Iced Blueberry Ring for a while…which one are you going after?