Cowboy Boots…NOT Just for Cowgirls Anymore!

Oh how I love cowboy boots….I love that they’re comfortable, I love that they’re cute, I love how I feel when I wear them…I could go on for DAYS! Of course some of you may be thinking, “She’s from Texas so of course she loves cowboy boots.” Not true, I love them for the simple fact that they’re AWESOME, and they seem to never go out of style!

So…If cowboy boots grew on trees, I would want this one planted in my backyard…


  1. Allen’s Boots, Lucchese 1883 Mad Dog Goat
  2. Shepler’s,  Corral Africa Inlay
  3. Cavender’s, Corral Ladies Black Lizard Inlay
  4. Allen’s Boots, Ladies’ Old Gringo Cruzadas
  5. Cavender’s, Corral Ladies Multicolored Butterfly Western
  6. Allen’s Boots, Corral Black – Cognac / Turquoise Lase