Fanged Pumpkins

You guys, I saw this via Pinterest and I just about died from the cuteness! I SOOOOO want to make these this year for Halloween.  I’m wondering  how long they will last after carving before they start to look all shrunken and gross?

Do you carve a pumpkin every year? Do you get creative or do the same old thing every year?

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

If you are having Thanksgiving at your house and want to spruce up your table with a centerpiece, Martha Stewart has some great ideas on her site.  Most of these would be super duper easy to throw together.  The easiest being, fall leaves placed in hurricanes.  Very easy, very modern.  Or just go rummage through the produce section and buy everything orange you see in sight–also another super fun idea.  We never carved our pumpkin at Halloween, so we could definitely gut it and put some flowers in there…  It doesn’t take much to pretty things up!  What are you doing on your table this year?