The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bouquets

We are going to be running a series here over the next few weeks.  It’s called The Tipsy Wedding Project aka help Christen design her wedding.  Christen is an avid Tipsy Society reader and we could not say no when she asked for a little assistance in planning her October 2010 nuptials.  So each week us Tipsy gals will be throwing some suggestions her way and letting YOU the readers vote on WHAT SHOULD CHRISTEN PICK!  So here goes…this week is all about bouquets!!

  1. Der-I’m in LOVE with this fall bouquet!  I think this bouquet ties in the truffle color that she has picked for her attendants and it adds pops of orange and green and even some pink. I love the rustic looking shape of this bouquet and I think this could easily transcend into a larger scale table arrangement… OR to save money just have the bride and all the maids place their bouquets in beautiful vases on all the tables.
  2. Court-I’m going to keep things simple with this bouquet so that the orange color and single flower type make things pop even more.
  3. AK-This bouquet is so RICH in color and I believe that’s what Christen is going for.  This combines roses, lilies (calla), and a tiny bit of hydrangea.  I love the berries and seeded eucalyptus which can be incorporated into some badass boutonnieres when we get to those.
  4. Sarah-I love the idea of the bridal bouquet being different than her bridesmaids, so this is what I came up with for the bridesmaids and for the bride, it combines both the colors, and flowers, she’s looking for, and, since both bouquets are the same shape, they tie together nicely. (I’m also in LOVE with the copper wire that’s wrapped around the bridesmaids bouquets!)

So Tipsy readers…here’s your chance…Which one should Christen pick?