$50.00 Fridays

When I give you my word, I deliver. Today and all Fridays I am going to take you frugalistas to an all new level of bargain intoxication. AN OUTFIT FOR $50.00. I’m talking a whole outfit. BAM. That’s what I call a happy Friday, baby.

  1. Forever 21, Irene Intricate Earrings
  2. Old Navy, Women’s V-Neck Jersey Dresses-Bitter Chocolate
  3. Old Navy, Women’s Graphic Canvas Totes-Orange Flowers
  4. Forever 21, Dot Texture Ring
  5. the15dollarstore.com, MISS ME Patent T-Strap Platform Heels-Orange

If Jewelry Grew On Trees…

Here’s what I’d be picking today!

  1. Sundance, Countess Earrings
  2. Sundance, Taos Bracelet Trio
  3. Anthropologie, Undulating Orbit Earrings
  4. Sundance, Wraparound Ring
  5. Anthropologie, Notions Necklace