Mission Impossible: Brown Sandals

Your mission should you choose to accept it…help me find some cute COMFY brown sandal heels or wedges.  I went on the hunt, I had tunnel vision I promise.  Here are the items that I would like to look at further….

So please tell me why I can’t stop thinking about these! Total Mission Fail!

  1. Endless, Swish T-Strap Sandal
  2. Nordstrom, UGG Australia ‘Hazel’ Wedge Sandal
  3. Endless, Gabbi Slide Sandal
  4. Zappos, Sofft Meira
  5. Zappos, Me Too Daily
  6. DSW, Joan & David 2 Gabby Leather Sandal
  7. Nordstrom, Steve Madden ‘Kasidy’ Sandal
  8. Old Navy, Women’s Faux-Patent Cross-Strap Sandals


  1. SERIOUSLY crushing on #1 and also love #2…happy shopping…do not be suprised if you see #1 on my tootsies come 75 degree weather!

  2. Every pair of Steve Madden shoes I own collect dust in my closet because they are torture devices!! Maybe that will help narrow down the choices. And I LOVE the ON green sandals!!

  3. @sarah DUDE I think I’m in a tie over #1 and #5…so we may be twinkies!!

  4. @Valerie now that you mention that…I think I have a pair of Steve Madden collecting dust because they hurt like a sonuva also! So #7 you are OUT! But I do believe I may have to get the green ones–I mean it’s the right thing to do!

  5. thanks for posting this!! i need brown sandals to match just about everything in my closet. #1 and #5 have my heart lol… after wearing boots for the past 5 months, my toes need to breathe 🙂

  6. @vnssa906 I agree! My toes need to breathe too!! They are literally fighting for air!