But It’s Just A Pair Of Shoes?!

So generally this is what happens with me…I’m surfing the interwebs and find a pair of shoes I like.  I open them up to view all angles and what not and I’m like yep, those are good, those are really cute, those are actually super cute…yeah I’m gonna go ahead and get those.  Close that window, pick my size, look at the price and then FAINT.  I mean wow, what did they have to do to make those shoes that they would be THAT expensive?  And it’s like they aren’t even like oh those are just a little overpriced, it’s like WOW those are like $200+ half the time.

So these are some of the shoes I’ve seen recently where I’ve just about fallen out of my chair.  The only pair under $100 are the black sandals, but it’s kinda like um wow don’t I have some black sandals? Do I need to spend $70 something on a pair of black sandals?  So anyway, please enjoy…I’ll be right here finding some more unattainable shoes.

  1. Endless, Arche Women’s Cozori Slide
  2. Endless, Donald J Pliner Women’s Glas-10 Sandal
  3. Endless, Kate Spade Women’s Isabella
  4. J.Crew, Christiane Calf Hair Ballet Flats
  5. Anthropologie, Beyond Bazaar Sandals
  6. Anthropologie, Tangerine Rind Clogs
  7. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell Tier Sandals

Oh and by the way, you’re welcome.


  1. @Haley Ohhh I love those!

  2. I tried them on last weekend and am working on an Urban Outfitter shoe post on my blog… they have great stuff, even for non-hipsters 🙂

  3. @ak I am completely in love with # 6.

  4. @Haley I totally want to check out that post when you are done–let me know!!

  5. @court I know dude–aren’t they cute? I mean adorably CUTE not just cute. you know?

  6. It’s done… when I should have been analyzing email send counts 😉 It ended up being a sandal post because some of the cuter shoes were $90


  7. Sorry if this posts twice…

    It’s done and ended up being a sandal post because the shoes I liked were $90. Enjoy!


  8. Post is up!

  9. @ak Yes adorable. Have to have until I see the price tag 🙂

  10. damn! I was hoping that you were gonna say that these are all super cheap… I will be searching payless for some look a likes

  11. @Liz let me know what you find! Sorry to get your hopes up 🙁

  12. @Liz I haven’t checked payless out in about a month or so and I’m finding some CUTE sandals! COME ON SANDAL WEATHER!!


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