Boots I’m Rockin’ this Winter

As you know from previous posts, I’m obsessed with boots this winter. Which is weird if you consider I probably won’t be able to get my feet into them come January.Anyway, I’ve managed to acquire several new pairs since last Spring and I have to share what I’m rockin’ right now. (Don’t worry, I didn’t pay this much for ANY of the boots you see here…I got AWESOME deals…you know, the kind of deals that make you tell everyone and their dog how much you actually spent.)

  1. Corral Yellow-Red-Turquoise Butterfly boots
  2. Old Gringo Leopartido
  3. Nine West Convinceme


  1. I am in desperate need of cowboy boots. I just can’t decide which ones! Where’s the best place to look in Houston? Any suggestions?

  2. @Pam: You know, I haven’t found really unique places in Houston to buy boots. I would say Cavendar’s has the best selection; however, I got my Old Gringo boots for half off at a small store called Treasures Hunters Gallery in Richmond…worth checking out if you have nothing to do one day or are in the area!

  3. @Pam I just ordered a pair of Corral boots on Monday via Langston’s website and received them today–TURBO QUICK–so you may give them a shot!