Fabulous Footwear Friday

I think these little booties would look super cute with some leggings and a tunic.  They also look super COMFY!

Nine West Abolone, Zappos

Boots I’m Rockin’ this Winter

As you know from previous posts, I’m obsessed with boots this winter. Which is weird if you consider I probably won’t be able to get my feet into them come January.Anyway, I’ve managed to acquire several new pairs since last Spring and I have to share what I’m rockin’ right now. (Don’t worry, I didn’t pay this much for ANY of the boots you see here…I got AWESOME deals…you know, the kind of deals that make you tell everyone and their dog how much you actually spent.)

  1. Corral Yellow-Red-Turquoise Butterfly boots
  2. Old Gringo Leopartido
  3. Nine West Convinceme

Fabulous Footwear Friday

GOOD GOD get these on my feet.

Wouldn’t these be a great transitional sandal for fall?  Loving on the grey and the industrial feel to them.  I think Sarah will appreciate them too, she was just loving on Nine West!

Nine West

Nine West has been a go to brand since I was young…my Mom always loved this brand and I’ve come to re-appreciate it in recent years. The main reason for my appreciation? The Prices!!!! EVERYTHING at Nine West goes on sale. Here’s a rule of thumb ladies, if it’s not on sale, wait a few weeks and it will be. (And they’re stuff is good quality too…)

Check out these good finds:

  1. Rouched Tote
  2. Rewired
  3. Viv Clutch
  4. Captivate
  5. Softmoon
  6. Yoanna
  7. Neves Clutch

Pretty Things at Every Price: Hobos

Our first PTAEP was on crossbodies and then we did clutches, both of which are definitely Court’s go-to size of a bag.  The rest of us on the other hand need a hobo or bigger in some cases.  So here’s our take on the hobo bag at a price you can afford!!

  1. Der’s ($12.97) Vinyl Ruffle Handbag– Y’all know how I feel about a ruffle. This is a definitely right up my alley.
  2. Court’s ($24.50) Faux Leather Zip Hobo-Think that it could be a goto bag for any outfit.  I will tell you though, I am completely out of my realm with these HUGE ASS bags!
  3. AK’s ($32.90) Blue Hobo with Studs-LOVE LOVE LOVE this color.  It’s always great to find a colorful bag for a good price.
  4. Sarah’s ($49.99) Nine West Cayla Hobo-I, for one, think you can never have too many white bags. I’ve actually seen this one in person and it’s one of those perfect whites that will last you through early fall!

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bride’s Shoes

Today’s installment of The Tipsy Wedding Project is Christen’s shoes. While we know what Christen’s dress looks like, she would rather we didn’t post it here because a certain person she is going to marry has been following along and we don’t want to ruin it for him. (I’m talking to you Ed). So anyway, here are our recommendations for Christen and a few for Ed himself. See any trends? 🙂

  1. AK-My inspiration came from the fact that we found out Christen loves the color orange, that she is having a fall wedding and the fact that Der did this shoe/sock idea for her wedding and it was UH-DOOR-UH-BULL. So this is the vision. Here is my suggestion (dyeing orange obvs)
  2. Sarah-I LOVE the idea of having a fun, yet classy, shoe underneath the traditional wedding attire. Since orange is her favorite color, I thought these were both perfect, affordable, AND would be go great with the fall wedding colors! (I also wouldn’t be opposed to Christen’s hubby to-be to wear some cool orange socks…Der did this at her wedding and it made for an awesome photo op…just sayin’…)
  3. Der-These are cute and orange and would totally be reusable later on with a par-TAY dress! I did apple green shoes under my wedding dress, but they were dyed and therefore unable to be worn in wet conditions.. BOO!!  and her groom could wear these.
  4. Court-I love these shoes.  Her dress, which has lace is beautiful, but I didnt want to much frill on the shoes. I think these peep toes are a great accent, plus they are navy which satisfies two things–her man to be fav color and her something blue requirement.

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Shoes

Next up on the Tipsy Wedding Project front is SHOES!  Bridesmaid shoes that is… Something each of us hold near and dear.   Christen is having two maids of honor and they are wearing two different dresses, both in Truffle.  Here is one.  Here is the other.  So here goes with our shoe suggestions….

  1. Sarah-I would choose either the yellow or red shoe to wear with the bridesmaids dresses. These are fun, sassy, and tie into the fall colors nicely.
  2. Court-I love Nina shoes.  I go to them for almost every semi formal/formal occasion as I feel they make an elegant statement but are simple enough you can re-use if you wanted.These peep toe with the bow aren’t over the top, but will give a fun touch to each of the maids dresses.   I would go for the GOLD color, literally, but she mentioned her hubby to be loved navy.  Wouldn’t that be a cute combo of color?  The navy shoes?
  3. Der-I wore these exact same shoes (in cosmic dust) to my rehearsal dinner and let me tell you… the most comfortable shoes EVER. I could literally run a 5k in these heels. The price tag isn’t too bad and they are cute too! I clipped on a hair flower to the center of the toes for extra flair, so that could be an option as well.
  4. AK-I’m going to say go with a basic brown and then play up your fall colors in the jewelry the girls wear but we’ll get to the jewelry in a later post.

Tell us your fav!