Stuff I’m Loving Now

Here’s my current wish list for any occasion or how about because it’s Monday? ha!

  1. Kivu Filament Necklace, Anthropologie
  2. Sunshine Dress, Modbe Clothing
  3. Eternal Youth Bracelets, Anthropologie
  4. Racerback Bib Top, Target
  5. Corral Silver Star Underlay Cowboy Boots, Langston’s
  6. Wise Necklace, Aldo


  1. I love that dress. I never heard of Modbe. Off to look now.

  2. I tried on that top! It’s super cute in real life. I hereby vote that you should buy it. 🙂

  3. I have that top from last year and I LOVE it! That dress is adorable too!

    • I THINK I have it in teal too but I LOVE this fuchsia color!! And yeah I’d love to see how that dress fits and I’d love to have somewhere to wear it hahahah!