Stuff I’m Loving Now

Here’s my current wish list for any occasion or how about because it’s Monday? ha!

  1. Kivu Filament Necklace, Anthropologie
  2. Sunshine Dress, Modbe Clothing
  3. Eternal Youth Bracelets, Anthropologie
  4. Racerback Bib Top, Target
  5. Corral Silver Star Underlay Cowboy Boots, Langston’s
  6. Wise Necklace, Aldo

Holiday Gift Guides: The Metro Man

I know that term is highly over used, but it accurately depicts the man in my life. My husband, like many of his kind, takes longer than me on most occasions to get ready, likes shopping, cares about fashion and grooming almost as much as any woman I know and is extremely hard to shop for. So, here is my best guesses for that metro man in anyone’s life this year.

  1. Express, Wool Military Jacket
  2. Forever21, Men21 Button V Neck Sweater
  3. Forever21, Men21 Cable Knit Scarf
  4. Target, Mossimo Thermal Shirt
  5. Aldo Shoes, Mullowney
  6. Forever21, Men21 Argyle Patterned Socks

$50 Friday: Denim Domination

I have really be gravitating towards denim pieces that aren’t jeans lately and this fits the mold perfectly. And it fits the budget too.

  1. Aldo, McGinity
  2. Walmart, Denim Belted Dress
  3. Walmart, LEI Embellished Sandals