Hump Day Happy Hour: Cranberry Mimosa

It’s just about Turkey time, so I am sure that most of you could use a happy hour break from all that Thanksgiving dinner prep. I’ve got just what the doctor ordered… a Cranberry Mimosa! I make these for my family gathering every Thanksgiving and let me tell you… there sure are not any leftovers to take home!

In a large punch bowl, pour equal parts cranberry juice cocktail and orange juice, I use about 4 cups of each. Next, dump in 2 bottles of your favorite bubbly(I use $5 Andres and it tastes amazing) and stir. Garnish with orange slices if you’re feeling fancy!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Beeritas!

Happy Hour can’t get any better than an ice cold beer or a nice margarita… oh wait, it can! Put ’em together and BAM! Beeritas!! The best of both worlds.

der-hdhh beeritas

All in one pitcher, pour 2 Coronas and add one can of frozen limeade concentrate, refill your limeade can with tequila and add that in too. Fill the remainder of your pitcher up with Sprite and mix it up. Mmm..mmm.. good.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Tailgating Punch!

Ok, so this recipe isn’t REALLY called Tailgating Punch, but it was always my favorite drink while tailgating before football games in college…does that count? If you’ve never heard of or made Hop, Skip, and Go Naked punch before, you need to STAT! It’s soooo easy and tastes soooo good.


Six 12-oz. cans of beer
1 pint of Vodka
One 12-oz. can of frozen lemonade concentrate
2 liters of lemon-lime soda


In a large container mix the beer, vodka, lemonade concentrate, and the lemon-lime soda. Serve over ice and enjoy the festivities!

Hump Day Happy Hour: It’ll Give You Wings!

A LOT of you have tried a vodka and red bull…BUT have you tried grape, lemon or cherry vodka and red bull… UM PROBABLY NOT. And you should… because it’s awesome squared.

Hump Day Happy Hour: It Won’t Te-kill-ya!

Feel like your jeans are getting a little snug but don’t want to skimp on your favorite drink of choice–THE MARGARITA?

  1. Take a pack of Zilch with you when you head out to your local mexican restaurant
  2. Order a tequila (our preference is Patron Silver) and water on the rocks
  3. Drink up!

Hump Day Happy Hour: 3 Steps to Cocktail Heaven

I’m usually a beer girl, but every now and then I like to dive into a fruity and delicious cocktail. One problemo folks… fruity cocktails have about, and I’m roughly estimating here, a zillion calories. I’ve come up with a solution… and get ready because this is going to blow you away the first time you try it.

der-drink crack water

Step one: Order yourself a vodka and one of the following: soda, tonic, or water. ( I prefer soda because I’m a fizzy drink type of gal)

Step two: Have already smuggled in a Crystal Light  sugar free single serving drink mix packet in your purse. (Here at Tipsy Society these are called crack water packets.. well, because they are addictive, highly addictive)

Step three: Mix ordered drink with crack water packet and consume with complete and utter glee.