Hump Day Happy Hour: Skinny Margaritas

A friend recently shared this recipe with my husband and since I’m not one to ever turn away a margarita, I had to try one. And since these are basically guilt-free libations we will definitely be partaking in them pretty regularly at our casa.  You will want to try these, trust me.

1oz silver tequila
11/2 to 2 oz fresh lime juice
Agave syrup to taste
Splash of soda water
Over crushed ice

Hump Day Happy Hour: Irish Cactus

It ain’t green, but this little sucker will sting going down!

  • 2 oz Irish cream liqueur
  • 1 oz tequila
  • Pour over ice in an old-fashioned glass.

    Enjoy and be safe.  HAPPY ST. PATTY’S TO ALL OUR READERS!

    Hump Day Happy Hour: Tequila!

    Go forth and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the only socially acceptable drink of this day.  The Tequila Shot.  Move people.  Vaya con Dios.

    Hump Day Happy Hour: Beeritas!

    Happy Hour can’t get any better than an ice cold beer or a nice margarita… oh wait, it can! Put ’em together and BAM! Beeritas!! The best of both worlds.

    der-hdhh beeritas

    All in one pitcher, pour 2 Coronas and add one can of frozen limeade concentrate, refill your limeade can with tequila and add that in too. Fill the remainder of your pitcher up with Sprite and mix it up. Mmm..mmm.. good.

    Hump Day Happy Hour: It Won’t Te-kill-ya!

    Feel like your jeans are getting a little snug but don’t want to skimp on your favorite drink of choice–THE MARGARITA?

    1. Take a pack of Zilch with you when you head out to your local mexican restaurant
    2. Order a tequila (our preference is Patron Silver) and water on the rocks
    3. Drink up!