The Second Birthday Party

For my son’s first birthday last year, we had the whole shebang at our house.  That was exactly what we wanted then, something for close friends and family.  At one, my kiddo hadn’t really made a lot of friends yo, so the party was more for the adults.  This year we decided to do it at The Little Gym.  We attend a weekly class and he loves the HELL out of that place, so it was a no brainer.  We didn’t pick a specific theme, we just decided to have balloons and cupcake toppers of all his favorite characters.  We used the same banners from last year and the same party hats as last year but we added new stickers to showcase what the ole boy looks like at 2.  I think I’m definitely going to make that a tradition, just keep using the same banner and hats as long as we can hack it but update the pic on the sticker–I mean he’s so damn cute! hahahaha!  This year we actually had a few more kids because the lil guy has made a few friends, granted we introduced him because they are the kids of our friends but you know…friends! He’s got friends now!  So we invited them and we had party favors involved this time around.  For the girls we decided to give crayon rolls with princess shaped crayons and for the boys we had car rolls with a little matchbox cars.  Anyway it was a huge hit and everybody had fun and we didn’t have to clean up before and clean up after.  It was the bomb, I highly recommend it.

  1. Sticker, Petit Enfant Designs
  2. Cupcake Toppers, Two Sugar Babies
  3. Invitation, Announcing You
  4. Car & Crayon Rolls, Party Favors & More
  5. My Happy Kid

So this guy…

This guy in the orange shirt? This guy is my best friend.  He’s the best husband, best dad, best cook…I could go on and on.  And guess what! Yeah it’s his birthday today! So please help me wish him a fabulous birthday today!

Feliz Cumpleanos mi amor!

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Shower de Der

We promised yall an overall compilation of the shower itself and here it is!! Like we said yesterday, our inspiration was Der’s nursery colors which are turquoise, green, yellow and grey.  From there we found the invitation we wanted to use and then used that same logo throughout the rest of the shower.

  1. Sarah was in charge of the blocks and this is what she had to say about them, “I got the idea to use the blocks for guests to sign when I was Facebook stalking (you know, because everyone does that), but Court was the one that actually found these cuties on Etsy from Sweet Olivia Designs. She was so easy to work with and now Aiden will have a life long memory of all the people who loved and supported him even before he was born!”
  2. The flowers we special ordered from Costco in colors closest to what we were using: blue hydrangeas, green mums, yellow roses and yellow buttons.
  3. Der’s corsage was made out of baby socks using floral tape, yellow raffia and a blue pacifier.  Everything was disassembled after the shower so she could still utilize all the components.
  4. We served wine, beer, and strawberry basil lemonade (recipe here). We made name labels for both cups and the wine glasses.
  5. Our paper goods were in coordinating colors via Party City.
  6. The “cake”scape as promised! We made all the cake/cupcakes ourselves and then put the toppers (from Two Sugar Babies) on before the party.  The crazy babies on the cake were added as a last minute decision.  We thought about taking an up close pic of the plastic babies and sending it to Der ahead of time as a sneak peek of her shower but we figured that would scare the shit out of her, so we didn’t.

The mommy and daddy to be.  Check out daddy’s t-shirt–it was handcrafted and a huge hit at the party.  It was his surprise for us Tipsy gals!  We also made a boutonniere out of a cigar, blue raffia and a pacifier for him!

(By the way you can catch a glimpse of the poms in the background in these last two pics!)

Our apologies for the blurry pics!!

Shower De Der: Poms

So you always want your place to look a little spruced up whenever throwing a shower at your own casa, right?  Well, trouble being streamers-awful and so 1992, confetti -not so much, candles-blah, and its day time?

So, left me no choice but to go with these sweet tissue poms to add the perfect simple accent.  It lets everyone know its party time (in Der’s nursery colors) in just the right way.

I will say the set up on these was a tad more time that I had thought, but completely worth it.  Der even took home to hang in the nursery full time, so win win.

Shower de Der: Invites

Us Tipsy gals threw our BFF Der a fabulous (if I do say so myself) couples baby shower over the weekend, and we feel the need to share some of the details!

First up, the invitations…there were so many cute options out there, but we ended up going with one we found on Etsy by pixelstixshop. She had the JPEG already created, but used custom colors to match the decor of the shower (and the babies room)! After we had the JPEG in hand, we thought we would just have the invite printed on picture paper, but that turned out to be no bueno, so we went with a local printer that did a fantastic job and was really easy to work with…I mean, who doesn’t like to keep the local economy stimulated anyway!?!

Der loved the invitations and they ended up being the centerpiece for the rest of our decorations…stay tuned, more details to come!

Saying Thank You With Flair

I have a lovely bunch of friends and family that are graciously throwing me not one, but TWO baby showers in the coming months. I am so very thankful and I really want to be able to say so in a super cute way. I have scoured high and low and found some purty darlin lil notecards that may do the trick.

  1. Etsy, Old World Damask Notcard Set
  2. Etsy, Couples Thank You Card
  3. Etsy, Bloom Flat Cards
  4. Etsy, Mod Green Umbrella Pregnant Woman
  5. Etsy, Zoo Friends Personalized Note Cards
  6. Etsy, Sweet Dachshund Assorted Note Cards
  7. Etsy, Dachshund Personalized Stationary
  8. Etsy, Hot Diggity Dog Note Cards

30 in 30

So I’ll be celebrating my big 30 (and coincidentally my Mom’s, aka Mimi’s, big 60) in Vegas BABY.  It’s about 30 days around the corner and here are a couple of tid-bits to chew on.

  1. I have never once been to Vegas, Mimi’s been “more times than she can remember”!
  2. I am being told I need to participate in life threatening rides such as these, in which I’ll be literally hanging off the side of a building.
  3. My Dad, PawPaw, is dead set on a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon and I’m definitely down with that.
  4. I’ve heard the shows are good, but am not sure I’m a show kind of girl.
  5. I love Black Jack, DOUBLE DOWN.

I am open to suggestions on how you think I should celebrate the third decade of my existence.  One thing I am also really is excited about is that 30 is the new 16.


Most of us have that special man in our life who needs special time in their special place.  I have a few pointers on making this special place uber-bad-ass.

  1. Mandles
  2. Man Coasters
  3. Remote Holder
  4. Whiskey Stones
  5. Beer Holster
  6. Pool Wine Ball Wine Stoppers – for the wine loving man in your life
  7. Lamp
  8. Sign

Cinco de Cuatro

A few years back we had a Cinco de Mayo party, that’s Spanish for Cinco de May.  Anywho, I think Cinco de Mayo fell on the wrong partying day and so we ended up celebrating on Cuatro de Mayo and somehow in the planning stages people became confused and started calling it the Cinco de Cuatro party.  It stuck.  We had a blast.

The following items are staples for a successful Cinco de Cuatro party:

  1. Amazon, Burro Pinata
  2. Amazon, Fiesta Fun Party Maracas
  3. Amazon, Guac Off
  4. Amazon, Chili Pepper Lights
  5. Amazon, Sombrero
  6. Amols, Mexican Guitar
  7. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Margarita Glass
  8. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Glass Pitcher

Wrap It Up, Cupcake

I love me a cupcake.  I love to make them and I love to eat them. My absolute favorite cupcake is just regular old yellow cake with cream cheese icing.  So because my fav is so plain jane I think one of these cupcake wrappers could definitely snazz things up!

  1. Cambria Cove, Decorative Cupcake Wrappers
  2. Bella Cupcake Couture, Hannah
  3. The Bakers Confections Etsy Shop, Swirl Cupcake Liners
  4. The Bakers Confections Etsy Shop, Polka Dot Cupcake Liners
  5. Jadie Baby Etsy Shop, Jungle Safari Cupcake Wrappers
  6. IE Creations Etsy Shop, Cupcake Holders
  7. Marie Lucille’s Etsy Shop, Fiesta Colored Cupcake Wrappers
  8. Cupcake Flair Etsy Shop, Ivory Vine Cupcake Wrapper