Guest Services

The holidays is also a time for travel. While reading a Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently, I got some great tips on making your overnight guests feel at home.

  • Place fresh flowers on the bedside table in the guest room.
  • Have travel bathroom necessities out and ready for your guests to use.
  • Hang a fresh, clean, robe in the guest room for your guests.

Tipsy Favs: Road Trip Song

We all have them, you know, that one song that you absolutely HAVE to listen to when you’re on a road trip.

Here’s our road trip songs, what are yours?

  1. AK, Pat Green “Carry On“: Oldie but goodie…my favorite line is “Billboards and Bullshit got her down”.  It’s one of those roll the windows down and blare it kinda songs.  Hopefully it’s sunny out.
  2. Sarah, O.A.R “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker“: I CAN NOT get enough of this song and it’s perfect for road trips because it’s almost 9 minutes long! So basically, by the time you listen to it a few times (you know, to figure out all the words), you’re probably at least half way to your destination.
  3. Melis, Hank Williams Jr. “Bartender Song“: During one of my many years spent in college, a group of friends and I decided to take a road trip to Colorado. For some reason we listened to this song almost once an hour on that 20 hour drive, don’t ask me why. But now when I think road trip this song always comes to mind…
  4. Court, Explosions in the Sky “Your Hand in Mine“: This is actually not a roll your windows down sing along.  Its all instrumental and has lots of highs and lows.  Pretty EMO song, but I love it.  Ben introduced me to this band and it’s since been one of my favs.  I think I love listening to this song because its 9 damn minutes long and its great to listen to while reading or riding along.

Etsy Spotlight: Jenni 20

My BFF and Tipsy reader recently introduced me to Jenni 20 and I must admit, not only did I fall in love, but I automatically added this shop as one of my faves!

I’m a chronic traveler, even if it’s just across the state, and I’m always on the hunt for cute travel stuff. I think I’m going to snag a couple shoe bags and a laundry bag for myself…hmmm…I wonder who I could give these as gifts to!?!?

Need Organization? Grid-It!

Have you seen these before? I, myself, just stumbled upon them…of course this was AFTER our last little trip out of town where we have every type of technological device crammed where we can fit it.  You can get one of these Grid-Its! in any size you need and strap your phone, charger, etc etc down with all these little grippy bands.  They remind me of those headbands you use for working know what I’m talking about ladies!

But anyway, man, the possibilities for these… For me, I definitely think this would be helpful when you are lugging the kiddo stuff like a sound machine, monitor, camera, maybe an iPad or small DVD player?  I mean wow, to have all that stuff in one location, organized!! I love me some organization!

Has anybody tried these before? Do they work well?

Best Wife Ever?

I was in Boston last weekend on a mini-vaca where I surprised my baseball-loving hubby with tickets to see the Red Sox play at the historic Fenway Park!!! (By doing this, I have automatically dubbed myself “Best Wife Ever.”)

However, I will tell you that my title was in jeopardy on our walk to the ball park last Friday night. I had the tickets in the back pocket of my oh so cute distressed skinny jeans from JCrew, but when I reached in my pocket for the tickets, they were GONE!!!!! I mean, they were literally lost in a sea of baseball-freakslovers…

Luckily, we were able to back track our steps and find them before anyone else did. The game was so much fun and I’ve literally never seen my hubby as giddy as he was when we walked into that ball park!

(BTW, did you know that you can get clam chowder at Fenway? Well, you can…)

Tipsy Gals Say ALOHA

We’ve purchased a few items for our trip to Hawaii.  What do you guys think?

  1. Casual Living, Palm Print Short Set
  2. eBay, Hapua Hawaii Women’s Hawaiian Print Rayon Blouse
  3. Casual Living, Travel Knit Solid Pants
  4. Casual Living, Satiny Caftan

Winery Spotlight: Newton Vineyards

For this Winery Spotlight I wanted to talk about my FAVORITE stop during our honeymoon wine country tour (circa 2007): Newton Vineyards in St. Helena, CA.

Reasons I loved this winery:

  • AMAZING Landscaping: To be able to say the landscaping was amazing in a place as beautiful as Napa Valley is something really special, but this place definitely stood out. All of the gardens in the vineyard are Asian inspired and meticulously maintained.
  • WONDERFUL People: We ended up wine tasting with our chauffeur on a day that Newton Vineyards wasn’t open to the public; however, due to some miscommunication, we ended up at Newton and the wonderful people went ahead and gave us a complimentary tasting that included the drop-kick-me-in-the-face BEST Chardonnay I’ve ever had; Unfiltered Chardonnay. (Kinda pricey though, retailing at about $50.00/bottle.)
  • GREAT Tips: The lady that lead our tasting was so well educated and full of knowledge that it was a tad overwhelming to take it all in, but the one thing I will never forget is the way she taught us to “cleanse our pallet”, which, in wine tasting terms, is extremely important as you try different varieties of wines. To cleanse your pallet, simply smell a plain white paper napkin for several seconds. I don’t remember how or why this worked, but it did!

I’m not going to tell you to run out and buy these wines UNLESS a) you are a wine connoisseur and have never tried Newton or b) filthy rich and could care less if you drop some serious coin on vino; however, if you do run out and buy any of the Newton wines, I promise you won’t shouldn’t be disappointed because they’re all amazing.

If you are planning a vaca to Napa Valley, make sure to include Newton Vineyards as one of your stops…and invite me of course!!!!

Final Question: 3 of the 5 pictures above were taken with my camera…can you tell which ones they are???????

Dos Casas, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I promise I’ll stop inundating you with Mexico soon!  Our last trip we took to Mexico was to San Miguel de Allende.  We stayed at a very very cool placed called Dos Casas.  It’s a pretty small boutique hotel.  Several days we asked if we could sit in the kitchen and watch them make our breakfast which was THE. BOMB!  The bartender taught us the correct way to sip tequila and mezcal and was just as nice as could be.  My husband had a momentary lapse and thought that mezcal=absinthe and he thought if he drank it he’d cut his ear off ala Van Gogh, but then realized mezcal is just tequila and ended up quite liking it.

We took a couple of home tours in San Miguel de Allende and let me tell you, the homes are FABULOUS!  We also took a side trip to Dolores Hidalgo which is where they make a ton of Talavera pottery.  We got to watch the entire Talavera making process and then purchased WAY TOO MUCH of it.  Like I said, I love me some Mexico.

Still pining away for Mexico…anybody been anywhere else in Mexico that you feel I NEED to go to?  PLEASE DO TELL!

Hacienda de los Santos, Alamos, Mexico

As promised, I’m featuring another favorite Mexican vacation.  Hacienda de los Santos is where my husband and I went for our honeymoon.  If you want to go somewhere that is chill and you need a little pampering…this is the place!  Beautiful grounds, gorgeous hotel. The little town is SUPER CLEAN, like the cleanest Mexican town I’ve ever seen in my life.

Hacienda de los Santos has a cantina on site that holds more types of tequila than you can count, has the best huevos rancheros and guacamole you’ll ever have and the nicest owners you’ll ever meet.  There is a movie theater on the grounds that you can pick what you want to watch and  have them bring you guac and beer or margs!  There is a spa, fabulous mariachis at dinner, and if you catch it at the right time–cooking classes (we did, FTW!)

Each room is named after a saint and ours was Santa Lucia.  Fabulous.  Trust me.  Go. Order the guac.

La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

The hubby and I haven’t gone on a vacation in a couple of years and so we are pining away for another.  Pre-baby we went on a Mexican vacation every year for our anniversary. La Casa Que Canta is where we went for our first annivesary and I have to tell you that it was SO awesome that we both totally want to go back again.  Our room had an outdoor patio with a private infinity pool and a hammock.  DIVINE I tell you.  I was so tipsy relaxed at this place that I literally fell down getting out of that infinity pool AND lost my camera 2 inches from me at the restaurant (in the hotel) that our waiter found quite quickly.  The top pic is the view from the pool on our patio and the bottom pic was our view from the restaurant.  I want to be there NOW.  And just because I want to torture myself, I’m going to be showing you some of the other places in Mexico we’ve been on our annual trips in some upcoming posts.

What vacation do you want to be doing RIGHTNOWASWESPEAKOMG?