$50 Fridays: Be My Valentine

Need a new little sexy and sophisticated number to sport on your Valentines Day date night? I’ve got just that and more. It’s a LBD that’s going to be adorable when adorned with some sweet Valentine accents.

  1. LOVE Necklace, Charlotte Russe
  2. Dress, Walmart
  3. Metallic Clutch Wallet, Forever21
  4. Teardop Heels, 15dollarstore.com

$50 Fridays: Drop and Give Me 50 (dollars so I can buy this)

I am a major fan of the military trend and this little number would be an excellent (and inexpensive) way to adopt that trend into your spring wardrobe!

  1. Walmart, Cropped Military Jacket
  2. Forever21, Basic Cami
  3. Forever 21, Earrings
  4. Walmart, Denim Leggings
  5. Target, Point Toe Flats

$50 Fridays: Sassy for Spring

I’m never one to wish for hot weather. I love the cooler temp on most occasions, but this mild winter we have had in Houston this year is making me think JUST GET ON WITH SPRING ALREADY. Enough with the teasers.

Anywho, I’d love to sport this cute striped tunic and sassy coral heels on a sunny spring day. Wouldn’t you?

  1. Canvas Cone Heels, Forever 21
  2. Striped Casual Tunic, Forever 21
  3. Zipper Pocket Skinny Jeans, Forever 21
  4. Stone and Etched Feather Earrings, Forever 21

$50 Fridays: The Skinny Cargo

This idea of a skinny cargo sounded absolutely dreadful to me to be honest. Let me clarify: a skinny pant with large chunky pockets drawing attention to my already not so slender thighs, no thanks. Well, I decided to give them a whirl and by all accounts I was dead wrong. I did go up a size as to not look quite so stuffed sausage, but they are as cute as can be. The casual cool of a cargo pant with the sleekness of a skinny pant. I’m sold.

  1. Target, Odell Ballet Flats
  2. Old Navy, Skinny Cargos
  3. Old Navy, Perfect Fit Tee
  4. Charlotte Russe, Single Gem Hinge Bracelet
  5. Forever21, Open Knitted Cardigan

$50 Fridays: Rain Rain Go Away

And my rain boot obsession continues! Aren’t these darlin? This whole get up really toots my horn.

  1. Forever21, Cowl Neck Tunic
  2. Forever21, Round Antique Earrings
  3. Walmart, Zipper Heel Rain Boots
  4. Forever21, Basic Leggings

$50 Fridays: Giving in to the Bootie

I like to think that I am on trend when it comes to fashion, but one thing I could never EVER get behind is an ankle boot. To me they seemed to cut off the long line of the leg and just make people look stumpy and silly when wearing them. I’m beginning to see the light when you add a tight in a corresponding color to the bootie. I’m branching out, people and soon enough you may find me in some booties too.

  1. Solid Knit Tights, Forever 21
  2. Puff Sleeve Sweater, Forever 21
  3. Zip Up Front Skirt, Forever 21
  4. Chinese Laundry Suede Ankle Boot, 15 Dollar Store
  5. Glimmer Beaded Hoop Drop Earrings, Forever 21

$50 Friday: Winter Wedding Guest

Wedding guest attire is easy come summer and fall with all the sundresses we can fiest our eyes on around every corner, but when it comes to a winter wedding… it’s a little more of a challenge. Well, this outfit fits the bill for way under a bill.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Diamond Pattern Pointelle Tights
  2. Charlotte Russe, Oval Chain Necklace
  3. Walmart, Empire Waist Jersey Dress
  4. Forever21, Sparkle Nighttime Clutch

$50 Fridays: Economical Warmth

It’s gotten chilly willy around these parts, which doesn’t happen that often. SO, no real need to invest in a high dollar coat for the 4 days of cold temps we may have per winter. This one is chic and cheap!

  1. Forever21, Skinny Jeans
  2. Forever21, Textured Hoops
  3. Walmart, Plaid Tee
  4. Forever21, Pea Coat
  5. Forever21, Classic Yarn Scarf
  6. Walmart, Maryjane Flats

$50 Fridays:Thankful for Good Deals and Elastic Waists

Less than a week til we are shoveling our pie holes with tons of pie and a little turkey on the side. We are going to need a cute and expandable outfit for such an occasion.

  1. Walmart, Womens Denim Leggings
  2. Forever 21, Striped Knit Dress
  3. Charlotte Russe, Box Chain Jewel Necklace
  4. 15 Dollar Store, Braided Wedge Flats

$50 Fridays: Bringing Back the Past

This is like the new, cute version of the scrunchie socks, oversized sweater, and stirrup leggings of my wardrobe in elementary school. Y’all know you sported that look too, don’t hate.

  1. Walmart, Scrunch Boots
  2. Forever21, Jeweled Teardrop Earrings
  3. Forever21, Sweater Tunic
  4. Forever21, Leggings