$50 Friday: Mad for Brad

I am an avid watcher and lover of the The Rachel Zoe Project.  And I pretty much think that Brad Goreski is the cutest thing in a bow tie since.. well, I don’t know that many bow tie wearers. I love menswear inspired looks, so why not dress like cute lil Brad…. now all we need is a bow tie.

  1. Amazon, Clear Lense Glasses
  2. Target, Canvas Flat Sneakers
  3. Target, Flannel Shirt Black Plaid
  4. Forever21, Fab Skinny Jeans
photo courtesy of photomag.com

$50 Friday: Labor Day Rush

Call me old school, but every year around this time I go into MUST WEAR ALL MY WHITE STUFF mode. You know, because you will be shunned or something if you shall wear white post Labor Day.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Lace V Neck Dress
  2. Forever 21, Tropicana Hoop Earring
  3. Charlotte Russe, Straw Tote with Seersucker Lining
  4. Charlotte Russe, Patent Leather Wide Strap Sandal

$50 Fridays: Pencil Thin

I purchased a denim pencil skirt this summer and I have lived in it! Of course mine has some stretchy panel attached to it, but boy am I going to miss it post baby. I love the idea of tall boots with it for fall or with ballet flats. This one even claims to be slimming and you won’t hear any of us turning that down!

  1. Walmart, Ruffle Front Cap Sleeved Top
  2. Forever21, Ethnic Earrings
  3. Walmart, Metallic Ballet Flats
  4. Walmart, Slimming Denim Skirt

$50 Friday: Denim Domination

I have really be gravitating towards denim pieces that aren’t jeans lately and this fits the mold perfectly. And it fits the budget too.

  1. Aldo, McGinity
  2. Walmart, Denim Belted Dress
  3. Walmart, LEI Embellished Sandals

$50 Fridays: Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Tipsy is no doubt girl focused with all our hair products, makeup, dresses and frills, but today I’m gonna send a frugalisto shout out to the readers of the male gender.

  1. Forever21 (21MEN), Conductor Pageboy Hat
  2. Forever21 (21MEN), V Neck Organic Cotton Tee
  3. Kohl’s, Sonoma Flat Front Twill Shorts
  4. Target, Mens Laif Canvas Flip Flops

$50 Friday: Modern Pin Up

I have always been drawn to that 50’s style of dresses and skirts and something about the neckline of this dress brings that out for me. These shoes are just plain adorable and I’ve seen them in person, EVEN MORE cute.

  1. Urban Original, Ruffle Slingback Sandal
  2. Forever21, Lacquered Petal Earrings
  3. Walmart, Sweetheart Halter Print Jersey Dress

$50 Fridays: Cute and Comfy

I have a few go-to outfits in the sweltering heat that is summertime of Houston, Texas. I told you about the bermudas a while back and now it’s time I went into the even more comfortable combo of a tank, a skirt and a flip flop. I dressed this one up a little for y’all with an actual sandal, but just know I’ll be sporting the $2.00 flip flops that I have lived in all summer long.

  1. Target, Long and Lean Tank
  2. Target, Smocked Skirt with Pockets
  3. Target, Mixed Bead Wire Earrings
  4. Target, Phoebe Flat Sandals

$50 Fridays: Dreams Do Come True

OMG, this is good news I am here to report! Y’all know I use tons of Forever21 items in my posts and I must admit that I do tend to go there first for my trendy bargains. I have truly missed being able to waltz up to my local mall and scoop up a new top for $10.00 or less, as there are very few items that will cover my baby bump in that store. Problem SOLVED. Love21 Maternity is like the best idea since sliced bread and I can not tell you how excited I am.

  1. Forever21, Maternity Faux Wrap Top
  2. Forever21, Croc Embossed Thong Sandals
  3. Forever21, Maternity Bootcut Jeans
  4. Forever21, Love Text Necklace

$50 Friday: Summer Bling Fling

I’m not usually one to  drizzle myself with diamonds (or let’s face it… fake diamonds), but something about the juxtaposition of casual fabrics and a little ice gets my summer engine revving.

  1. Forever21, Glistening Tear Earrings
  2. Kohls, Embroidered Henley
  3. Urban Original, Bamboo Floral Flat Sandal
  4. Kohls, Solid Skirt

$50 Fridays: Bringing Sexy Back

My new obsession: shirts with back detail. OMG, back detail AND a ruffle combined… I think I may faint.

  1. Forever21, Pleated Ruffle Top
  2. 15 Dollar Store, White Denim Bermudas
  3. Forever21, Magdelena Textured Earrings
  4. Forever21, Stud Accent Sandals