$50 Fridays: Floral Fixation

Sometimes I like to go backwards and base my entire outfit off of accessories!

  1. Forever21, Canvas Rose Shoulder Bag
  2. Forever21, Floral Fixation Headband
  3. Forever21, Shimmer Ballet Flats
  4. Forever21, Knit Bubble Hem Dress
  5. Forever21, Leggings

$50 Fridays: Target Time!

I have made a big ole’ stink about how much I love Target. But, people, I can’t hide my affections when they have such cute items such as these for such great prices! I mean, do you blame me????

  1. Target, Xhilaration Round Shape Tote
  2. Target, Xhilaration Susan Pumps
  3. Target, Merona Wrap Dress

$50 Fridays: Stylish Walmart Special

I am a firm believer in it doesn’t matter where your clothes are from or what brand name they are or how much they cost… you can put together a chic outfit from places that you would never expect!

  1. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Turtle Neck
  2. Walmart, Miley Cyrus 3/4 sleeve Bomber Jacket
  3. Walmart, Levi Strauss Low Slim Bootcut Jeans
  4. Walmart, Miley Cyrus Women’s Laceless Canvas Sneakers

$50 Fridays: These Boots Were Made for Walkin

Whoever invented the flat boots that are all over the place nowadays deserves a medal! Such a cute look without the fuss of wearing heels. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them either!

der-50 Friday 12

  1. Forever21, Bumpy Knit Cap
  2. Forever21, V Neck Tee
  3. Forever21, Ornamental Pendant Necklace
  4. 15dollarstore, Miss Me Distressed Flat Brown Boot
  5. Forever21, Double Knit Skirt

$50 Fridays: New Year, New You

Happy 2010! I can just feel it, 2010 is going to be a 10! Let’s kick it off right with a super cute, super simple, super cheap ensemble!

der-50 Fri 11

  1. Forever21, Geena Beaded Necklace
  2. Forever21, Cinched Center Tee
  3. Forever21, Fab Ankle Capri Pant
  4. Forever21, Dressy Sequin Wallet
  5. 15dollarstore, Rocketdog Red Leather Wedges

$50 Fridays: Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Yall! I hope your holiday is fun filled and all you frugalistas get everything you were wishing for!  Today is the day to deck yourself in Christmas Cheer from head to toe!

  1. Amazon, Santa Hat with Coil Spring
  2. Target, Jrs Sad Tree Graphic Tee
  3. Forever21, Soft Fab Skinny Jean
  4. Amazon, Sugar Womens Montana Hunters Plaid Flat

$50 Fridays: Party Girl

It’s definitely that time of year again! Parties galore. Work parties, friend parties, family parties. Party.Party.Party. Here’s a look that will take you to all those parties without draining your Christmas shopping fund.

der-50 Fri 9

  1. Forever21, Droplet Jewel Earrings
  2. Forever21, Dressy Sequined Wallet
  3. Gojane, Metallic Pleated Detail Tank Dress
  4. GoJane, Rhinestone Bow Satin Flat

$50 Fridays: PaJammin Out

There are some days that are just made for staying in your jammies all day. We have had a few of those here lately, with the unusually chilly temps and even some SNOW down in Texas. So, look cute while you snuggle up and do it for under $50 bucks!

  1. Forever21, Thin Glitter Headbands
  2. Old Navy, Wrap Hoodie
  3. Forever21, Fab Solid Knit Cami
  4. Forever21, Drawstring Flare Lounge Pant
  5. Forever21, Reindeer Ankleboot Slippers

$50 Fridays: Sporty Spice

I have a friend. My friend isn’t really the type that you will find in a dress and heels or ruffled from head to toe. She is feminine in her wardrobe choices, but she tends to linger on the sportier side. I like to call her Sporty Spice.  So, this $50 Friday is for all you Sporty Spices out there.

  1. Forever21, Textured Feather Earrings
  2. Forever21, Fab Ribbed Racer Back Tank
  3. Forever21, Knit Jacket with Optional Hood (I own this jacket and it’s so so cute)
  4. OldNavy, Womens The Diva Wide Leg Trouser Jeans
  5. 15dollarstore.com, ROCKET DOG Lurex Knit Striped Skimmer

$50 Fridays: Fancy Pants

Feeling a little bit fancy pants, but don’t wanna blow all your dough?? This one is for YOU!

  1. Forever 21, Sateen Floral Headband
  2. Charlotte Russe, Ribbed Surplice Top
  3. Forever 21, Fab Abstract Printed Skirt
  4. 15dollarstore.com, GO MAX West Knotted Foil Sandal-Black