What a Croc!

I could practically run a mile in my Croc wedges. Before you say ewwww, let me explain. No one ever thinks they are Crocs, I have received numerous compliments and super comfortable doesn’t even begin to describe them. I’ve had my eye on some new Croc sandals this summer season and these are bound to end up in my closet sooner or later.

  1. Croc Sexy Flip
  2. Strappy Sandal
  3. Adrina Flat
  4. Leigh Wedge
  5. Crocs Wedge

Fabulous Footwear Friday

I’ve posted on Crocs that you don’t realize are Crocs before.  And here we are again! I love the color and I love a good flat! These are actually in my shopping cart as we speak–aren’t they adorable?

Crocs Marnie, Piperlime

Fabulous Footwear Friday

Der got a pair of these a while back in brown at the outlet and they are ADORABLE! I’ve actually been pining after the green ones since last summer…until…UNTIL I saw these in RED! I’m THIS close to buying these bad boys.