Pretty Things at Every Price: Totes

This is our final PTAEP for purses. We’ve covered crossbodies, clutches, hobos, and now we’re on to totes!

  1. Der:  Rose Dome Handbag,I am carrying a similar version of this bag RIGHT NOW in royal blue and love it to pieces. It’s such a WOW accessory for low cost. It livens up the simplest tee or tank just hangin there on your arm.
  2. Court: Slouchy Bag, This was the hardest price point for me thus far as the size of this purse is entering a no-can-do boundary.  My tipsy sista’s can easily pull a bag of this size off, but not me.  HOWEVER, I wasn’t shocked when a super cute seller on Etsy came through.  I would wear this, if I ever needed room to shove Aus, two friends, a bottle of booze and a bicycle in it :).  Other pluses are its handmade and CHINA CHINA!!!
  3. AK: Amazon Boutique Tote, I love how sleek this looks and of course I had to go for something BRIGHT in color!
  4. Sarah: Paper Croc-Embossed Tote, What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cute straw bag!