Hump Day Happy Hour: Skinny Margaritas

A friend recently shared this recipe with my husband and since I’m not one to ever turn away a margarita, I had to try one. And since these are basically guilt-free libations we will definitely be partaking in them pretty regularly at our casa.  You will want to try these, trust me.

1oz silver tequila
11/2 to 2 oz fresh lime juice
Agave syrup to taste
Splash of soda water
Over crushed ice

Hump Day Happy Hour: Mock Mojito

It’s happy hour and you know what sucks the big one… I can’t partake! Well, damnation, I’m not gonna let a little bun in the oven keep me from sipping on a relaxing cocktail or shall I say MOCKtail… wwwhahahahaha.  I think I’ll start it off right with a Mock Mojito.

4 or 5 springs of fresh mint
1 lime
1 oz. simple syrup
6 to 8 oz. soda water
Garnish with some lime wedges and mint sprigs to make yourself feel all fancy!