Huarache Love

Der was wearing some sandals the other day that I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with, but alas they aren’t available anymore…at least they aren’t online anymore and I didn’t see them at my local Target.  All of these are very reminiscent of Der’s, yet don’t have the price tag I’m really longing for.

  1. BC Footwear Ciao Bella, Endless
  2. Born Huarache Thongs, Garnet Hill (of course my fav, I’ll take these in brown metallic please)
  3. Frye Zoe Huarache Thong, Zappos (this comes in a TON of different colors)
  4. Reef Reefachi, Zappos
  5. Indigo Gull Pond Cork Wedge Sandals, Garnet Hill


  1. My mom had a pair of these when I was a kid, and I always called them her Jesus sandals. I’m glad they’re in again!