Christmas Wishlist: Court Edition

I’ve been so damned good this year, I feel like Santa is making a special trip just for me.  Here’s what I hope the fat ol’ man is bringing my way!

  1. Nike Lunarsoft – totally needs these for my 5k’s that me and Melis have planned.
  2. Lucky Hoodie – cause a sporty spice can never have too many hoodies.
  3. Mounted Organizer – cause I am so over keys and envelopes just laying about.
  4. Simple Boots – I’ve had my eyes on these beauts for two years.  Santa, where the hell are you at???
  5. Jade Hoops – HOLY HELL!  These have my name all over them!
  6. Agent 18 iPhone Cover – this is me, through and through.
  7. Kenneth Cole Bangles – I’ve made a resolution to wear even more bracelets.  Help a sista out santa!
  8. Lego Notebook – I am a nerd through and through.  I have to be stylin’ at work.

Holiday Gift Guides: Co-Workers

I’m always at a loss for what to get my co-workers. I mean, you usually see these people more than you see your own family, so you want them to know you care, but you don’t want to break the bank. I mean, even if you don’t like your co-workers you might consider a little something…hey…a little Holiday sucking up never hurt anyone!

  1., Executive Nickel Plated Card Holder
  2. Bath & Body Works, Bamboo Candle
  3. Starbucks Gift Card
  4. Etsy, Red Swirly Slash Wallet
  5. Etsy, 2011 Desktop Calendar
  6. Etsy, Personalized Note Pads

Custom Note Pads

For Christmas a couple years ago, AK gave all us Tipsy Gals a customized set of notepads, which I think was a GREAT gift idea! Here are some of the customized notepads that I found and they are all are super-cute…how is a girl to choose?

  1. Dandelion Notepad and Note Card Stationery Set
  2. Personalized Note Pad – Oriental Design
  3. Skully Skull Personalized Monogrammed Set of 2 Notepads
  4. Bicycle Built for 2 Personalized Notepads – Set of 2
  5. Notepad and Note Cards- Custom Monogram
  6. Family Magnet Mates – Personalized Notepads w Acrylic Holder

Back to School Organizing

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but school is right around the corner for all you moms and teachers out there. (I mean, am I not the only person that thinks summer is FLYING by!?!?!?)

On a recent stroll through the school supply isle in Target, I found these cute essentials to start getting the adults ready and organized for the start of yet another school year.

  1. Thanks! 3-tier Caddy
  2. Oh Joy! File Collection
  3. Here Today Notebook
  4. Note-it Style Combo Station
  5. Mood Alert Message Pads
  6. Note-it Style 16″ Dry Erase/Cork Board

Who Wants Lunch?

Lunch bags that is!

I chronically pack my lunch for work a) because it’s cheaper and b) because I can keep track of my daily calorie intake easier. I wouldn’t mind packing my lunch in any of these cuties!

  1. Etsy, Perfume Bottle Canvas Lunch Bag
  2. Etsy, Sage Damask Snack-a-long
  3. Etsy, Vintage Linen Tea Towel Lunch Bag
  4. Etsy, Joel Dewberry Lunch Bag
  5. Etsy, Yellow Pinwheel Insulated Lunch Bag
  6. Etsy, Oilcloth Lunch Tote

Don’t Drop It Like It’s Hot

So if you are like most people you have some area in your house or office that you have something that you plug in and unplug quite often (i.e.  your cell phone, your laptop, etc etc).  And I don’t know if you’ve ever unplugged said cell phone and your cord drops behind an item of furniture that you would have to MOVE to retrieve the cord and you are all SONUVA!  So I think these things look quite helpful.  What say you?  And they’re cute to boot!

  1. Quirky, Cordies
  2. Think Geek, Cable Drop Clips

Death by Paper

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…between my husband and myself, I feel like I’m constantly DROWNING in paper. So, once again, I went on a hunt for some cute filing options. Here is what I came up with:

  1. The Container Store, Translucent File Tote
  2. The Container Store, Brocade Desktop File
  3. The Container Store, Silver Hanging File Box
  4. Etsy, Vintage Red Industrial File Box
  5. Etsy, Kelly Green Industrial Storage File Box/Drawer
  6. Etsy, Antique Yawman and Erbe Mfg Co Oak Filing Lock Box

Post It Post

I do not have the best memory in the world and it seems to be getting worse by the day these days, so I rely on some little post-its to get me through my day. I like to make sure they have a little sass or flair too!

  1. Amazon, I Dreamed My Whole Desk Was Clean Sticky Notes
  2. Amazon, Russell + Hazel Chicklet Adhesive Notes
  3. Etsy, Gorgeous Sticky Notes
  4. Amazon, Post Its Flower Shaped
  5. Amazon, Talking Bubble Sticky Notes
  6. Etsy, Sticky Notes Poofy Flowers
  7. Etsy, Its All In Your Head Sticky Notes

Decorative File Folders…Someone Owes Me An Apology

So I STUMBLED upon these darlings while doing my normal troll through Francesca’s.  Apparently there is a cute, funky and completely awesome way to store ugly papers on your desk.  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME????

The pics shown are the three that I scooped up (50 cents each!!!!) and I couldn’t be more tickled looking @ my desk sporting these things.  My desk smiles back.  Links to tons of these beauts.

  1. Emma Designer File Folders
  2. Sophie Designer Folders
  3. Hootie File Folders