Stripes Baby

I’m a sucker for stripes on my babies. When I saw this line of baby clothes at Target, I just about keeled over from the cuteness.

Kee-Ka Organic, Target

Lunch Punch

One more post about preschool gear and I promise I’ll stop! But you guys! How CUTE are these sandwich cutters!!

  1. Lunch Punch Transport, Amazon
  2. Lunch Punch Animal, Amazon
  3. Lunch Punch Whimsical, Amazon
  4. Lunch Punch Puzzle, Amazon

Pack It Up

As I said on Monday, my little guy is headed to preschool in the fall and in addition to a lunchbox, I need to get the little guy a backpack.  And I REALLY want to get him something cute!  So far these are some that I have run across that I’m contemplating.  Anybody have any other suggestions or sites I can check out?

  1. Beatrix New York Percival,
  2. Dabbawalla Go Fetch,
  3. Beatrix New York Nigel,
  4. Skip Hop Dog,
  5. Beatrix New York Alexander,

I’m Hungry!

My oldest is going to start preschool this fall (OMG where did the time go??) and he’s going to have to start bringing his lunch with him.  So I went on a hunt for a lunchbox and I THINK I’ve narrowed it down to these two.  The pros are that I won’t need to put anything in baggies.  Anybody out there have either of these and can tell me the cons?

Planetbox vs Goodbyn

The Best Toy Yet

Little did I know how popular this foam mat would be when I purchased it for a cushy place for AJ to play. Who knew that not only would it be a place to sit, stand, roll and flop…it doubles as the #1 pick for something to teeth on and triples as an all around favorite toy to rip apart and have mommy put back to together.  $24 well spent. I can’t recommend it enough.

Our New Bedtime Book Favorite

We’ve always been huge Mo Willems fans around here with our first love being the Pigeon series.  And the Knuffle Bunny has become the newest favorite series around here for bedtime stories. This series follows Trixie and her stuffed bunny and has the same type of humor that Mo Willems is famous for.

By the way, these would be a great gift for a little one.  I love when we get books as gifts!!

My Baby is 9!

You know Aus from here and you may recognize him from here.  He’s the light of my life, keeps me laughing every day and has been an honor to raise for the last 9 years!  I absolutely love being a mom and more beneficially feel so lucky to be HIS mom.  Happy Birthday Austin!

Nightlight, Nightbright

Although my son isn’t sleeping in his room yet, I have noticed that it is pitch black in there at night. So I went on the hunt for an adorable nightlight over the weekend and came across these cuties at my local Target:

  1. Circo Turtle Nightlight
  2. Circo Car Nightlight
  3. Circo Love & Nature Mushroom Nightlight

They had more in the store than they did online…I got the CUTEST little bird for the kiddos room!

Etsy Spotlight: B. Children’s Wear

I ran across B. Children’s Wear while I was searching “hedgehogs” on Etsy. And now you’re thinking hedgehogs?! Yes, hedgehogs are a significant part of my next born’s nursery…I promise you it’s cute.  So anyway, I LOVE LOVE B.Children’s Wear stuff so much that I ordered the little hedgehog t-shirt and I had to restrain myself from ordering other stuff.

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail…

Easter is right around the corner, and since this is my first “holiday” as a Mom,  can’t WAIT for my little guy to see what the Easter Bunny brought him! First stop, picking up the perfect basket. These are some cuties that I ran across on my hunt:

  1. Pottery Barn, Puffy Easter Baskets
  2. Etsy, Fabric Coil Basket
  3. Etsy, Personalized Easter Basket
  4. Etsy, Boys Bugs Easter Basket
  5. Etsy, Canvas Spring Basket
  6. Target, Felt Easter Basket: I went with a basket VERY similar  to this (Charlie’s is a robot) from Target (I can’t find them online). Super-cute, and at $2.00, super cheap!