Baby Flops

I have no idea how people keep shoes on baby’s pudgy little feet. If you have any tips, please let me know because shoes are flying off left and right over here. Even with that considered, I am thinking that this summer will be the perfect time to introduce AJ to his mama’s shoe of choice: the flip flop. Some of these baby flops are needed in big people sizes they are so flippin cute!

  1. Green and Navy Lizard Flops
  2. Braided Faux Leather Flops
  3. Pink and Orange Giraffe Print Flops
  4. Turquoise and Green Zebra Flops
  5. Red White Flops
  6. Plaid Flops

Toys for Girls and Boys

Alex Toys has some of the most fun looking toys I’ve ever seen. I mean, if I were a baby or a kiddo I would be ALL OVER THEM. Like white on rice, I kid you not. I think we need to add one of each of these to our rapidly growing toy chest.

  1. Stretchy Sandwich
  2. Hug a Puzzle Doggie
  3. I Can Cook
  4. Patty Cake
  5. Cuddle Kids- Lexi…she bares a slight resemblance to Court, dontcha think? (all small and crazy haired)
  6. Prickly Play Porcupine

Easter Basket Time!

I’ve been on the Etsy hunt for Easter basket stuff so that the standard candy filled eggs aren’t the only thing my child opens as he has enough energy for about 4 children combined without sugar.  Here is what I’ve come up with thus far….

  1. Easter Bunny Initial Tee, Gorno Couture
  2. Suess-a-saurus Clip On Tail, The Blue Orange
  3. Dinosaur Jumbo Crayons, Lil Doodlers
  4. Personalized Matching Game, Burlap & Blue
  5. Mini I-Spy Bag, Emmie’s Designs

What’s For Lunch?

I love lunchboxes.  I carried a Sesame Street one when I was a little kid and I used to carry a plain silver one when I was working.  I just saw these recently and fell in love with the personalization of them, not to mention the ability to leave your kiddo a message inside.

Lunchboxes, Name Your Design

Serena and Lily

I just love almost anything and everything from this store. Here are some of my current faves:

  1. Binth Baby Book
  2. Menagerie Bookends
  3. Square Chairs
  4. Senegalese Storage Baskets

Tote This Around for Ten Bucks

When the warmer weather rolls around, I plan on a lot of outdoor outings with my kiddo: parks, zoo, the beach, you name it! I’ve never been more excited for the heat to return in my life. One thing all those outings have in common is dirt. Dirt on my cute diaper bag is something I’m  not excited about. So, these completely adorable and CHEAP tote bags are exactly what I think I may need. I mean, how can you fret over a $10 tote!  Aren’t these darling??

  1. Sailboat Tote, Walmart
  2. Seahorse Tote, Walmart
  3. Anchor Tote, Walmart
  4. Crab Tote, Walmart
  5. Patent Icon Tote, Walmart

The Young and the Laceless

I’m a huge fan of velcro or slip-on tennis shoes for my son because let’s face it…it’s hard enough to get shoes ON these days much less take the time to TIE them.  I mean come on. Anybody else have these troubles or is it just me and my speedy little munchkin?

We’ve been sporting these for a while and they have been fabulous but are getting a little ragged from daily wear.

  1. Morgan & Milo Kids LTT Slip-On Corduroy, Zappos
  2. Laceless Canvas Sneakers, Old Navy
  3. Geox Kids Jr Kiwi 7, Zappos
  4. Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker, Nordstrom
  5. Morgan & Milo Kids Avery H&L Suede, Zappos
  6. Morgan & Milo Kids Championship H&L, Zappos

Bean Box

I ran across these super cute shadow boxes on Etsy the other day and just had to share!!  These would be very cute to spell out your child’s name or just to do a little ABC montage.  Love it!

Foolish Things, Etsy

Christmas in Review: AK

We had a great Christmas! My husband and I think this year has been the best so far in terms of celebrating with our son.  He got excited to hand out gifts and open gifts and play with everything.  It was super fun.  Here are a few things I got for Christmas this year:

  1. Jewelry Cleaner, Brookstone-If you’ve ever thought about getting one of these things, do it! Do it now! All you do is add water and it uses sound waves to clean everything.  I immediately did my wedding ring and watch and embarrassed at the amount of gunk that came off both of them.  And I THOUGHT I kept them clean.  This also does eyeglasses, which I haven’t done yet but am psyched to do.
  2. Jackie cardigan, J.Crew-I love these cardigans and buy them at the outlet store or ask for them as gifts.  I’m a cardigan addict.  I received navy and cerise for Christmas.
  3. iPhone Case, Kate Spade-I was in need of a new case and received one like this and it’s right up my alley what with all the colors!!
  4. Apple gift card, Apple-In combination with my husband we received enough apple gift cards to purchase an iPad.  However after a twitter questionnaire we’ve decided to wait on the next version to come out before we buy it.  I think that’s in April.  I think.
  5. iSi Flexible Mixing Bowls, Amazon-A month or so ago, in an effort to do something in the kitchen, I gave my son a couple of mixing bowls and a wooden spoon to occupy him.  That turned into me needing new bowls.  I don’t think these will break.

The best gift of all might be what Santa brought my son.  He loves it more than anything and it gives his parents a chance to sit and chill for a few minutes. Little Star Bouncer, Walmart

Christmas Duds

So if I had planned a bit better this is what my little guy might be wearing on Christmas Day come dinner time.  I’d also be crossing my fingers that the temp might be on the cold side and he wouldn’t overheat.

  1. Fair Isle Sweater, The Children’s Place
  2. Holiday Plaid Shirt, Gap
  3. Baby Jeans, Boden
  4. Triple Roll Socks, Gap
  5. School Issue Scholar, Zappos